May 27, 2024


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Best Indian alternative game for PUBG; “FAU-G” an Indian Game

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We can tell PUBG is the best ever multiplayer game in the history of all time. And now, PUBG has been banned by most of the countries. India is one of those countries and the Indian government has banned another 118 Chinese apps including PUBG and TENCENT. Right now many people were searching for the correct replacement to the immortal game PUBG. Today the Indian Actor Akshay Kumar shared the news of the upcoming multiplayer game “FAU-G”. I think this could be the right time for the FAU-G to woke up and rise in the gaming community. Let’s make a quick roll on this most anticipated FAU-G game.

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The FAU-G game is developed by the Indian company named nCORE games. As we heard the news about the Indian Prime Minister’s words regarding the “AtmaNirbhar Apps” and for that Indian actor, Akshay Kumar has revealed the news about the awesome wondering game FAU-G. The game FAU-G will not completely replace the game PUBG. But it can cover most of the Indian people because nowadays the Gamers are totally interested in playing multiplayer games. So there are more games like PUBG, but only a few can replace it. And that’s FAU-G can replace it.

Fearless and United Guards is the full form for FAU-G and we could expect this game on the stores very soon. Only a few details were received from the gaming side. The main thing is the FAUG is a multiplayer game like PUBG. The game will be having the concept of the sacrifices of soldiers in Indian defense. Also, I’ve gained a piece of information that was the FAUG game’s 20% of the revenue will be donated to the “Bharat Ke Veer” trust.


After the ban of PUBG, some gamers have been feeling sad and have left playing games. And now get ready for the game which will give you lots of excitement and fun like PUBG. We couldn’t be able to predict the graphics level and gameplay when compared to COD and Fortnite. We all just need to wait and see for the game’s arrival to know more about it. The FAUG’s developers will know how the PUBG game was and thinking all those things, they will deliver a great immersive game will extra-ordinary graphics and gameplay very soon. After the game’s release, everyone will be downloading to try its gameplay and graphics by comparing it to PUBG.



This article is all about the latest arriving game named FAUG. We can expect more on this game because the game was an online multiplayer game that looks like PUBG. A very few information only revealed about this game and a poster look has been released. It looks awesome and we are getting more anticipated by watching the poster. The gamers need to wait for few days for the game’s release. Also, a few days before I’ve posted an article based on the “5 best alternative games for PUBG“. Make a view on that article by clicking this link.