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Top 5 Attractive Racing Games for PC in 2020;

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Racing Games are the best one that attracts every gamer from their childhood days till their gaming interest ends. And mainly most of the people don’t have any kind of PlayStation consoles or any other. But everyone will like to play on their PC itself. So, by concentrating on PC gamers, here in this article, you can grab some awesome and interesting Racing games for PC. These best games were released in the year 2020. When the times move, we’ll get the best of the latest updated graphics of gameplay. Usually, the racing games were played to experience realistic gameplay of attractive cars, bikes, their features. Let’s move further to crack the list of the “5 best racing games for PC in 2020“.

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Top 5 PC Games in 2020

Games are really used as a medicine to relieve all our stress, anger, and many more unwanted things. Also, we can get rid of our boredom by using this wonderful creation named Games. And mainly these racing games will be amazed to play. All the games that were mentioned and listed out here will be the newbie that you wouldn’t try in past and ranked based on my personal thought. Below are the best realistic racing games for PC that were mentioned, just take a look at it.

5 Best Racing Games for PC;

1.Dirt 59.5/10Free
2.F1 20209/10Free
3.MotoGP 209/10Free
4.WRC 98.6/10Free
5.Project Cars 38.5/10Free

1. Dirt 5:

Dirt 5 is a famous racing video game that was developed and published by the company Codemasters and released in the year 2020. The game Dirt 5 comes under the series of Dirt rally games because there are lots of dirt rally games were released like Dirt 3, etc. If you’re a rally racing lover, then you can experience the amazing fun of arcade off-road racing gameplay. And by the way, you can also enjoy lots of different rally maps, a different roster of cars till trucks. The game is available for PC, but not only PC, but also the game is available for PS5, PS4, XBOX series, XBOX ONE, and Google Stadia. Play carrier mode, four users with the multiplayer option of making split-screen, and many more features were totally packed inside on Dirt 5.

2. F1 2020:

F1 2020 is another great intensive racing game that was totally played inside the tracks full of fun. Yes really, the game will be awesome to play and the only reason will be played for its graphics. The game F1 2020 commonly called Formula 1 2020 that has lots of high-quality realistic gameplay graphics in which you’ll be totally fallen for it. Like the previous game, this F1 2020 was also developed and published by the company Codemasters and released in the year 2020. The game comes under the series of formula 1 and really attracts so many people including me.


3. MotoGP 20:

The past two mentioned games were car racing games. And now there’s a change of mentioning a bike racing game. MotoGP 20 is one of the best bike racing game that comes under the series of MotoGP. The game is developed and published by the company Milestone and released in the year 2020. A game with the worth of wonderful graphics and impressive gameplay, likewise we can tell MotoGP 20. You can enjoy playing carrier mode, quick matches, and also you can be able to challenge your friend for a match online. The game is available for PS4, XBOX series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

4. WRC 9:

WRC 9 is officially called as World Rally Championship. The game was developed by a french company named Kylotonn. This WRC 9 comes under the series of World Rally Championship. Here in this game, you can play in both ways of single-player mode as well as a multiplayer mode with the local split-screen option involved in it. Basically, all the rally games will be similar, but this one is unique when compared with other games. The game WRC 9 is the must-try rally racing game in 20202. And the game is available for PS5, PS5,  Nintendo Switch, and PC.


5. Project Cars 3:

Project Cars 3, in itself you can identify that the game can provide you unlimited fun of gameplay with high-quality graphics. The game Project Cars 3 was developed by the company named Slightly Mad Studios and published by the company Bandai Namco Entertainment. From these publishers, we’ve already got some interesting games, and now this game is automatically added to it. The game is available for PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC. If you didn’t try this game, just make it once tried.


The article has reached its conclusion part. In this article, I’ve delivered “5 Best Racing Games for PC” and all those games were released in the year 2020. The games were listed out and sorted based on my personal thoughts. A few detailed information were shared about the games and their available devices are also mentioned. And finally, if you know any other better games that were released in the year 2020, just mention them in the comment section.