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Here’s the most popular Google Doodle Games

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We all know Google is the best SEO tool as well as the most popular one too. Concentrating on people’s needs, the company has provided amazing features day by day. We all search many things in Google, but have you ever used Google to play Games? If you don’t know how to use Google to play Games, then take a look over this article and this is for you. To relieve all the disgusting stresses in people’s life, Google has created these Doodle Games that will make a time peaceful. Here’s in this article, you can find the most popular Google Doodle Games that will be awesome to play. These Doodle Games are mentioned randomly. but damn sure every game will so attractive.

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Most Popular Google Doodle Games:

Google has taken an initiative that “Stay and Play at Home with Doodle Games”. Based on this the Doodle Games have become most popular in these quarantine days. Internet surfers can play these Doodle games entirely online in just one click. Here in this article, I’m gonna mention 10 amazing Google Doodle games with some reviews on those games. Just watch and click the link which I’m gonna mention below.

1. Hip Hop:

Hip Hop doodle is totally based on the 1973 party that was gone through the DJ Kool Herc and there Hip Hop was found. In this Doodle Game, the users can play with the two DJ music systems just by shaking the plates. When you’re playing the music, just shuffle the plates and record the music based on your wish. This Hip Hop will definitely attract the DJ fans and Hip Hop music lovers. Also, I too have enjoyed while making a sound so rocking.

2. Rockmore:

The Rockmore is also one of the best Doodle musical game that Google has produced. The above seen Hip Hop doodle game is based on the DJ concept. But the Rockmore doodle game is totally based on the concept of only one musical instrument named Theremin. In this Doodle Game, there will be a tutorial based on that the users can be easily able to play. Both the above and this doodle games were so much amazing to play.


The PAC MAN is a famous game and most of the people who are born in the ’90s and early ‘2000s would have been played the most. After a long time space, now we’re getting the good olden days back just by remembering these kinds of games. There are no words to describe the PAC MAN doodle game because this game has already reached its peak. Whenever you’re playing this game, you can recollect all your olden and golden memories.

4. Coding Rabbit:

Coding Rabbit, the doodle game that was created based on Celebrating the 50 years of kids coding. The game looks pretty with some puzzle minded skills. Also, this doodle game is completely made for the kids based on the concept of “What You See Is What You Get“. The person who is playing this doodle game needs to solve the puzzle and by correcting them the rabbit moves. We can just describe these doodle games as gifts to the kids.

5. Scoville:

Scoville is an interesting pepper ice doodle game. Yes, the game is totally based on the concept of pepper and Ice cream. The games teach about the pepper and its famous history. The game will be with a character and that character will throw the Ice Creams. Once you’ve thrown perfectly, the opponent’s character gets froze. If you’re failed to click in time, then your character gets killed. Also, in every pass of the game, a piece of information about a pepper’s history. Like this, the game goes on.


6. Garden Gnomes:

Garden Gnomes is an ornament that was looking like a small humanoid. Every Google Doodle has a story, likewise, this Garden Gnomes doodle game is based on this figured structure. Also, for celebrating the Garden Gnomes, the game was created. The concept and gameplay will be planting the flowers and plants in a garden. You need to throw this sculptured figure to a distance and the flowers were planted in the garden till the sculpture goes on. The game will be so interesting to play and will definitely give some peaceful thoughts to the mind.

7. Fischinger:

Fischinger, a doodle game that allows you to create your own background music and also allows you to share those moments with your friends and family members. Once lived a person named Oskar Fischinger, and he was a German-American animator and an expert in making Musical Animations. And this Doodle game abstracts this person. In this game, wherever you touch background music goes on. There are four different music Instruments are playing inside this doodle. Just make a try towards Fischinger.

8. Halloween 16:

Halloween 16 is really an amazing and attractive doodle game from Google. Any magic lovers? If yes, then the game is for you. The game is started with a magical wizard cat that making spells to defeat ghosts that were attacking the cat’s mystical and magical school. The game gives you 5 lives at the start of the game and you need to draw shapes to kill those ghosts. This Halloween 16 made a great impression while playing the game for the first time.

9. Snake:

Snake Game is also one of the most famous games which we’re seeing for the past three decades. The game has ruled our lives and captured unforgettable memories in our childhood days. If you search “Snake Game” on Google, you’ll get the game as a result. The game looks somewhat upgraded version of the old snake game, but the rules and gameplay were the same. If you wanna live your olden days, then play the game which delivers a great memory once again.


10. Tic Tac Toe:

Tic Tac Toe is a two-player Doodle game in which the game is played by placing the Xs and Os in a 3 cross 3 way equal grid. If one player finishes his option in a diagonal, or horizontal, or in a straight way by filling their Xs or Os, then the game ends. The game goes on like this and the users can play this game with the computer or with friends in the fun free times. Once we all played this game on a paper with a pencil and now the game has emerged in our hands within fingers.


This article is about Google’s most popular Doodle Games and its short review. By keenly observing all these doodle games, every game has a unique storyline based on real things. So, all these games were very much interesting to play. Google always makes a task perfect with some attractive features and this is one of its greatest creations. If you try this game, then you’ll really wonder about all these kinds of different games. And finally, I hope this article will deliver some interesting feeds on Google’s Doodle Games.

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