June 20, 2024


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5 Amazing Offline Shooting Games like Call of Duty

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In recent days, the gaming platform has reached a lot and many users were interested to play games. Especially, the Shooting games stand at the top when compared to other categories. The online games will be always awesome to play, but if you also want to play games offline, then there are plenty of sources were available. If games are developed in the shooting category with story-based, then there will be no doubt that the game will be cool to play. And if you’re a gamer and searching for the best handy offline shooting games, then this article will clear all of your doubts in a piece of time. Let’s wrap the list of the “5 best offline shooting games for Android and iOS devices”.

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5 Best Offline Shootings Games:

Based on your interest and the game’s ratings, I’ve just curated a list of the 5 best offline shooting games for Android and iOS devices. In this list, a few games will be available for both platforms, but some won’t be available. But all the below-listed games will be good to play and will make your time great. Today, there are so many popular games are there like Pubg, Call of duty, free fire, and Fortnite. Also, this list of games will be good to play because some games will be based on the storyline too. Here are the best offline shooting games for Android and iOS.

1. Hitman Sniper:

The first game that opens the list is Hitman Sniper. The game Hitman is a famous shooting story-based offline game that attracted many gamers. The game is available for high platforms like PC too. When technology developed, these games were developed and given into our hands. Here in this game, you can play sniper missions, story modes, battle with zombies, etc. These are some features of this game. Also, here the gamer will get 16 guns for playing. The game is available for Android and iOS. But this game is a paid game, you need to pay $0.99 for this game. Finally, a good shooting story-based game for Android and iOS devices.

2. Dead Target:

The next game that comes under the list is Dead Target. The game is somewhat similar to Hitman, but there will a unique style for Dead Target. Like all other games, this Dead Target is also an offline shooting game. Here, the gamer needs to kill all the zombies with exciting 3D weapons with spectacular skins for it. By providing attractive skins to the 3D weapons, the game attracts gamers. Also, for killing more zombies at a time, the game provides a option to upgrade your weapons for more power. Finally, a good option game for offline shooting zombie games and the game is totally free to download.


3. Cover Fire:

Cover Fire, a famous Offline shooting game for Android and iOS. The game has attracted so many gamers. Cover Fire is a story mode shooting game where the gamer can play challenges, events, and battles. The person who plays the game can have their own arsenal of weapons. The controls will be modern so that it will be easy to play with HD quality graphics. With all these options, the game is full of 3D gameplay, and also while playing this, you’ll experience better quality. At last, a good offline 3D shooting game with high-quality gameplay. The game is free on the play store and app store.

4. FPS Offline Strike:

Another offline game that cracks the list is FPS Offline Strike. The game is full of realistic 3D Gameplay with amazing animation effects. FPS Offline Strike game is a Action-adventure game that is only available for Android, but in this name, there are so many games are available for iOS devices. The control of the game will be simple and cool to play. The FPS Offline Strike game is suitable for low-end devices, and this stands as the main advantage of the game. Finally, a good action-adventure offline game that can be played anywhere at any time.


5. Gun War:

The final game that ends up on the list is Gun War. This Gun War game is a offline shooting game and only available for Android. Gun War is available in more than 15 languages with easy gameplay of good quality graphics. The size of the game will be small so that the game suits the low-end devices too. The game is full of tasks, and the gamer must complete the tasks with 150 plus weapons, and 50 plus scenes and maps. Whenever the level goes on, you can upgrade your weapons system. Finally, a good offline shooting game for Android devices.


The final words before the completion of the article. This article is all about the topic “5 Amazing Offline Shooting games”. Here, I’ve curated a list of 5 games that suit Android and iOS devices. Some games in this list will be free and some will be paid to play. But all these offline games will be interesting to play and I hope they will attract all of the gamers. If you’re a passionate reader, just check out the article mentioned in the Did you know table.