June 20, 2024


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5 Best Unroll.me Alternatives to use in 2021;

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Unroll.me” is a email service tool that helps you unsubscribing unwanted mails and newsletters by accessing your email inbox. Many users may know about this tool as well as its privacy concern too. Well, 4 years back (2017), Unroll.me has data mined its user’s data and sold it to the advertisers. Uber bought all those information from Unroll.me and they’ve used it all. New York Times report has exposed all those things clearly. While discussing privacy, unroll.me has misled its user’s data. But 10 years ago, this tool was excellent to use with lots of advantages. To concern about privacy, here what I’ve found some of the good unroll.me alternative powerful tools to use. Let’s wrap the article for the unroll.me alternatives.


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5 Best Unroll.me Alternatives to use:

Unroll.me is a third-party tool that is used to unsubscribe unwanted newsletters. This tool accesses the user’s mail inbox and provides a solution for it. By considering third-party apps, here in this article, I’ve mentioned some best unroll.me alternatives to use for clearing unwanted newsletters from your Inbox. Including this, I’ve also mentioned a legal way to unsubscribe the unwanted newsletters from your Inbox. But it will take some time, also it is very much secured to use. Here are the alternatives for unroll.me.

1. Default Unsubscribe Button:

The very first alternative source for unroll.me is a default unsubscribe button that was available in your mail Inbox. This source isn’t a third-party source, because this is a default button that was available in the Inbox. This method is simple to use. You’ll need to open a particular newsletter service and then select the unsubscribe option. This unsubscribe button will be located either at top of the mail under the topic or else at the bottom of the mail. By the way, you need to do all the newsletter services. This process will take time, but it is a very secure process to do. If you want to unsubscribe unwanted newsletters in a legal way, then follow this method.

2. Cleanfox:

Cleanfox is the third-party source that is used to clean your mailbox by clearing unwanted mails and spam emails. Like, unroll.me, Cleanfox is also a third-party source, so this app suits the alternative list for “unroll.me”. This source is easy to use, you just need to give your access to this source, and then you can delete unwanted newsletters from your mailbox. Cleanfox is free to use and this service is available for Android(Google Playstore) and iOS devices(Apps Store). Finally, Cleanfox is a good service that provides you the mail services like deleting unwanted newsletters and spam emails.

3. Leave Me Alone:

Here comes another third-party email cleaning service called Leave Me Alone. Leave me alone is another good alternative source to unroll.me, unlike Cleanfox, this source is freemium to use. If you to use this tool, then you must create an account on Leave me alone, and after you can access the free pack. The free pack consists of 5 unsubscribing options, then there are two paid options were also available. The paid version will be $2.5 for 50 unsubscribed and $9.9/month for 50 unsubscribes per month, $16/month for 200 unsubscribes per month. When considering the usage, it is simple to use. Just connect your mail ID with the source and then clean all the unwanted emails and newsletters.

4. SaneBox:

SaneBox is a Email management service that specifies what messages are important to you. Like other sources mentioned at the top, SaneBox is used to clear all the unwanted mails and newsletters including spam from your inbox. You can read all the important emails and you can delete the unwanted and not interesting mails from your inbox. SaneBox is a handy tool and easy to access. At first, you need to give your Mail ID and after that, choose the “Digest” option. Now you need to select which mail is important and the unwanted mails are needed to be trained to another Inbox. To follow this, choose and select train and once again choose the inbox. Sanebox is a freemium tool. Check out the tool by clicking the below link.

5. Clean Email:

The final tool named Clean Email, is another good alternative source for Unroll.me. Clean Email manages your inbox efficiently by cleaning and barricading all the unwanted emails. If you want to unsubscribe from a newsletter, then this Clean Email stands with you as a barricade. Like other tools, Clean Email has some unique features like Quick clean, email groups, read later, filters & sorting, etc. By giving all these features, Clean Email is a paid source. The paid version starts from $7.99 per month and goes up to $19.99 per month. And that’s it, if you want to check out this tool, then follow the below-mentioned link.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article provides you some of the good unroll.me alternatives to use. After the issue of unroll.me in 2017, many users tried to change their Email cleaning source. For all those users and the users who need to clean your Email Inbox, then follow this article to find out some best ways to clean your Inbox. In this article, I’ve shown some of the best unroll.me alternatives with its link and procedure to use it. That’s it, check all the tools that were mentioned above in the list choose your favorite.