April 10, 2024


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5 Best Alternative Apps for Avatoon that you must try

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Avatoon, one of the best Avatar Creator, Emoji maker, and photo editor applications. The Avatoon app is user-independent and available for different platforms like Android and iOS. Here in this app, you can create your own avatar, emoji and also you can cartoon yourself for free. If you aren’t used this app before, then straight away download the app from the apps store or playstore. The app is famous only for its editing tools, just by having more than 500+ options for creating or customizing your own creation. In search of alternative sources to this awesome app, here in this article, I’ve posted the “5 best apps like Avatoon“. Let’s wrap the article for the alternatives of Avatoon.

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5 Best Alternative apps for Avatoon:

We know that Avatoon is the best app for creating avatars, emojis, and for editing photos. If you want to know some of the best alternatives that suit this app, then you’ve reached the correct place. Here, I’ve curated a list of the “5 best alternative apps for avatoon” for Android and iOS devices. When it comes to comparison, each app will have its unique features, let’s open the list of alternatives with its features.

2.Character MakerFreeInstallInstall
3.SuperMii / SuperMeFreeInstallInstall
4.MojiPop FreeInstallInstall
5.Cute Girl Avatar MakerFreeInstallN/A

1. Mirror:

The first app that opens up the list is Mirror. The mirror is the app in which you can your own avatars, stickers with different varieties of style. Here, the user can create their own stickers for WhatsApp, and they can be shared in WhatsApp. In addition to these options, the user can also create their own customizable characters with multiple options. By holding lots of features like this, the app is mentioned at the top as an alternative to Avatoon. The app doesn’t cover Avatoon entirely but contains some of its features. Finally, a good alternative source to avatoon with different options.

2. Character Maker:

Character Maker, the second application that comes after the mirror app as an alternative to Avatoon. In the name itself you can identify this Character Maker app, that is, here the user can create their own characters, and avatars. If you’re a cartoon character lover or if you’ve kids in your house, then this Character Maker app will be an awesome app for you. By having some options like customizing face color and hair color, you can create your loved character. Unlike Mirror or Avatoon app, this Character Maker app is simple and easy to use. Finally, a good choice of app for creating your own cartoon characters or avatars for free.


3. SuperMii:

Another app that comes after Character Maker is SuperMii. This app is similar to Character Maker, but it has its unique features. Here in this app, the user can create their own avatars and those avatars will be in the form of cartoons. The options for creating a cartoon avatar or character are simple, and the steps will be choosing the gender of the character at first and then editing with different styles. Also, the app gives many varieties of styles like hairstyle, expressions, etc. Comparing to other apps, the SuperMii/SuperMe has its unique features and good options for creating avatars for free.

4. MojiPop:

MojiPop is an app in which you can create emojis yourself. Like Avatoon, MojiPop also allows its users to create or cartoon themselves for free with different attractive options. Here, the best feature is the user can create an avatar and that avatar can be edited with different types of backgrounds. In addition to these features, the user can create GIF files, caricatures, etc. The created avatars or emojis can be re-edited with different backgrounds. Finally, a best app like Avatoon for cartoon yourself for free.

5. Cute Girl Avatar Maker:

The final app that closes up the list is Cute Girl Avatar Maker

. Unlike other alternative apps for Avatoon, this Cute Girl Avatar Maker is entirely different. All the apps mentioned above are avatar creator, and character creator apps. But this app is a avatar and character creator game. If you haven’t tried this kinda app, just try them once. Here, the app allows its users to create multiple characters at a time with customizable skins and hairstyles. Also, the app allows you to create only female cartoon characters. And that’s it, at last, if you want to experience a cartoon creator game, then just try out this Cute Girl Avatar Maker app. This app is only available for Android devices.


The final words before the completion of the article. This article is all about the topic “5 Best alternative apps for Avatoon“. Avatoon is the best avatar creator app for Android and iOS devices. Here, I’ve curated a list of the best apps like avatoon. All these apps have their unique features, choose your favourite and enjoy your time by downloading it. If you’re a passionate reader of articles, just check out the article in Did you know table.