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5 Best Home workout apps in 2020

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Humans should live their life as physically fit as well as mentally fit. If they are physically and mentally fit, then they can achieve many things in their life. In recent times, most of the people were using apps for many certain purposes. Likewise, for fitness, there are lots of apps that were available. From those apps, I’ve sorted out the 5 Best Home workout apps which will be awesome to use. These home workout apps provide you clear instructions with great video and audio quality. Also, these apps will help you with fitness even if you are unable to move to the gym.

Some workout apps will instruct you on your fitness as well as diet plans too. And some other fitness apps will monitor your activities. The exercises in these workout apps were mentioned by the expertise and no need to get worried. Just roll down the article to know about the best home workout apps.

1.Home WorkoutFreeInstallInstall
2.Fitbit CoachFreeInstallInstall
4.5 Minute YogaFreeInstallInstall
5.BodBot Personal TrainerFreeInstallInstall

1. Home Workout

Home Workout is an app that provides you an amazing workout and no equipment needed for these exercises. This app provides you more daily workouts that are planned by the experts. By following the app’s scheduled workout, you can build your muscles, and also you can lose your belly fat. Multiple exercises were available and no physical trainer needed for these workouts. If you’re following those workouts, I’m sure you’ll get an absolute result within a very short span of time.


  • Tracks your working activities on a chart.
  • You can set a reminder for the workouts.
  • Do exercises by watching videos and audios.

2. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach app provides you a professionalized workout with great intensive videos. This app guides and instructs you like a professional instructor. The workout is given based on your feedback. You can do exercises anywhere and anytime or at your own scheduled time. Set your goals and based on that do the exercises, so that it will be helpful. Fitbit radio is the soundtrack which is available for some motivation for the users.


  • Customized workouts by watching personalized videos.
  • The users are motivated by hearing the Fitbit radio soundtracks.
  • This app is available in more languages like English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

3. Fitify

Fitify is the fitness app that gives you 850 exercises for weight loss, fat burn, and building muscles. This app is the premium app so that you need to pay some money for the usage. In my point of view, I prefer money is nothing while spending like this. The costs are $5.49 per month / $54.99 per year. It will be much worth taking care of your health. Daily there will be 15 minutes workouts, relaxation sessions and clear HD video demonstrations are available.



  • Train with clear HD video demonstrations and voice coach.
  • Work even if you’re offline.
  • The app has 850 exercises, 20+ prebuilt workouts, and 15+ prebuilt recovery sessions.

4. 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga is a fully packed yoga exercise app. By using this app, you’ll be gaining a stress-free and fitness life. Daily you will spend time for this at least 5 minutes only. The beginners would love to use this app. The app provides you an instant and faster exercises which relieves all your stresses and leads to start a day with a fresh mind. For every pose and exercise, there will be a clear image and detailed instructions.


  • Use this app to relieve all stresses and start a day with a fresh mind.
  • Exercises are instructed with clear images and detailed structures.
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  • Daily spend 5 minutes with quick and instant exercises.

5. BodBot Personal Trainer

BodBot is an app that provides you a workout with a digital personal Trainer. Plan all your goals and do exercises based on that at anywhere and anytime. You can get results if you’re properly following the instructions of these digital personal trainers. Also, you can give feedback about the exercises, so that the changes will be made. By using this app, you can build your muscles, endurance, etc. I consider this app as one of the best home workout apps with AI workouts.


  • Use this app wisely and build your muscles, endurance, etc.
  • Do exercises anywhere, anytime with planned goals.
  • A step-by-step personalized workout is available.


The article gives you a 5 Best Home workout app which you should use for your fitness. All the 5 best apps were awesome to use. The key features are also mentioned. The downloadable link also provided. Just try these apps and it well worth your time.