June 20, 2024


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5 Best Alternative apps for CamScanner

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A few days before, the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps including Tik Tok, WeChat, UC browser, etc. In this list, we can also add a very popular photo scanning application named Camscanner. This Camscanner app is used to scan documents, ID Cards, etc. At present, this app is totally blocked in India and also unavailable to use. So the people in India will search for alternatives. If you’re searching for the alternative for Camscanner, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Just take a look at this article to know about the “5 Best alternative apps for Camscanner“.

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5 Best Alternative Apps for Camscanner

1.Adobe ScanFreeInstallInstall
2.Microsoft Office LensFreeInstallInstall
3.Scan proFreeInstallInstall
4.Doc ScannerFreeInstallN/A
5.Turbo scanFreeInstallInstall

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the scanning app that ables you to scan documents, books, etc. You can also able to convert the documents into PDF files. This app automatically recognizes the text. You can capture the documents, written notes, books, and more. Scan all these types of things at any time, anywhere in just one click with auto edge correction. After scanning the documents, you can be able to read all those files in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This app also recycles the content which you’ve stored.


  • Scan and capture images like documents, books, written notes, and more with auto edge correction.
  • You can easily able to convert all those captured files into PDF.
  • Recycles the stored content which you’ve saved.
  • Texts are automatically recognized.

2. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is one of the famous applications and got the best apps of the year in 2015. This app allows you to convert images into PDF, Word, and also PowerPoint. This application scans and captures the images and stores in One Note, One Drive, or in local storage. After storing, you can be able to import all those captured images to your Gallery. You can have this app on the pocket(i.e., capture documents and convert it into PDF at any time). After Adobe scan, this one could be the best replacement for Camscanner.


  • Use this app to scan images and convert them into PDFs.
  • Stores in One drive, One Note, or in local storage.
  • You can also scan the Business cards and store them in OneNote.

3. ScanPro App

ScanPro is the application that is made for scanning documents and QR Codes. This app is made easy to handle. Scan and save the files with high quality in Google Drive or other cloud services. Once you’ve installed this app, then you’ll get admired and loved to use this app. Capture the image in just one click. You can also scan single as well as multiple documents. This app also has the pro version.



  • Scan the images with premium quality with 200 dpi.
  • Capture single as well as multiple documents in just one tap.
  • Scan QR Codes for saving URLs. contacts, mobile number, etc.
  • Auto edge correction and detection are also available.
  • The files are stored in Google Drive or other cloud services.

4. Doc Scanner

Doc Scanner the application that looks like the Camscanner and made in India. By using this app, you can easily able to scan any documents and convert them in PDF. Scan the documents anywhere, any time. You can enhance your scanned image. After scanning and storing, you can share them as PDF/JPEG files. And finally, I can say this app is an Indian Camscanner. This app is only available for Android and not available for iOS.


  • Scan documents and convert them into PDF with good quality.
  • Scan QR Codes and Bar codes too.
  • Saves the file on cloud storage.
  • OCR Text recognition feature will be available soon.
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5. Turbo Scan

Turbo Scan is an up growing app that is used to scan documents, notes, receipts, etc. Scan all these types and store them as PDF or JPEG files. This app scans the image in 3 seconds per page and makes the quick process of auto edge correction and perspective correction. You can also print the images via cloud print or other applications.


  • Capture and scan all types of documents, notes, receipts in high quality.
  • Auto edge correction and perspective correction is also available.
  • Lightning speed capturing and storing.
  • Print the files via cloud print or other applications.


This article rolls out and delivers about the 5 best alternative apps for Camscanner. Here, I’ve sorted out and chosen the best 5 apps and look good for scanning documents. These apps are mentioned for the replacement of Camscanner because the Camscanner is banned in India. I hope these apps would be helpful for scanning documents at anywhere and any time.