May 27, 2024


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Explore your Dream Place in just One Click

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Every people has a dream place to visit. But some of them can’t visit their dream place because due to some financial problems or physically unfit. For that reason, if you want to make your dream true, then this article could be helpful to you. Nowadays we can get what we want on the Internet because Technology has developed like that. In this article, I’m going to explain an app and by using this app, you can go for a trip on VR and explore an AR object. If you have a VR box, then you can visit your dream place just by using this app. You can see a live 3D objects, animals, statues, historical places, etc. Also, I’ve mentioned this app in my previous post, “10 Best Google apps“.

How to Explore your Dream Place in just One Click?

Here in this article, I’m going to tell you how to Explore your Dream Place in just one click on your device. This would be an easy process and you just need to install the app named Expeditions.


How to Install Expeditions app in your Device?

  • First, open Google PlayStore or App store in your device.
  • Search the name Expeditions in the search bar and you could see the logo which I’ve posted above.
  • There you can see Expeditions app which was developed by Google.
  • Click install and download the app on your device.
  • If you find some difficulties, then follow the link which I’ve given above in the table.

How to Use?

The Expeditions app gives you High-quality VR trips and also you can explore AR objects easily. After installing, open the app. Then you could see various kinds of options like AR and VR, Arts and Culture, Landscapes, Science, Environment, and many more options. By selecting your favor, you could explore the places or objects very quickly. This app also enables you to search for the location which you want. Let’s see some features of this app.

1. First, open the app, you can see different variety of options.

2. Choose which option you need or otherwise search for a location that you want. Then after selecting the option, get into the option, and Download the file. After that, wear a VR box and enjoy your dream place just by clicking the view option.


3. For exploring 3D AR objects, you just need to select the AR represented option. i.e., choose an option that is for AR. Then after choosing, get into the option and download the feature. So that, you can explore a 3D AR objects in real. After downloading, click the view button to open the feature. Then move your phone around on a flat surface to place the 3D object. After placing, you can view your 3D objects, statues, historical places, etc.

4. If you want to download the object’s image which you’re seeing, this app doesn’t provide a download option in it. Just you can explore objects only and you can’t download the pictures. If you want, then the only option is taking Screenshots or Screen Recording only.

5. And that’s it, by following the above 4 steps, you can easily view trips on VR and can explore AR objects. Also, more awesome options and features are available in this app. By using this app, you can see more fantastic things that could make you so wondered.



I’m concluding this article by conveying the summary in brief. This article is all about “Exploring the Dream Place which you can’t and visiting them in just one click”. I’ve mentioned an app that gives you many features like VR and AR. By following the above steps, you can easily make trips on VR and you can explore the AR objects. Also in my previous post, I’ve mentioned this app in the post “10 Google applications that you might not know”. With this, I’m concluding this article and if you find any other feature in this app just mention them in the comment section.