June 20, 2024


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How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer, etc

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Caches and Cookies are the features that are very useful to many people and those caches and cookies would occupy some space in your Browser and Hard drive. So many people want it to be clear from the browser. But few may not know how to clear these files from your Browser. Now in this post, I’m going to tell you how to clear those Cache and Cookies, but before that let me make it clear, What are Cache and Cookies?

What are Caches and Cookies?

Cookies are the files that were created often when you visit many websites on your Browsers like Chrome or Internet Explorer, etc. These files save your Browsing data like information, passwords, etc. A cache is a feature that remembers the part of the page when you visit any website and remembers the same website, which makes you open faster on your next visit.

Why is it important to Clear Caches and Cookies?

The importance of clearing Cache and Cookies are always a good idea. Caches and Cookies save browsing data and information. So, Clearing Cache and Cookies will help you to overcome a few problems like loading or formatting issues while browsing.

Clearing Caches and Cookies on Browsers:

1. Clearing on Google Chrome

2. Clearing on Internet Explorer

1.Clearing on Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is the browser having many features and most of the people prefer using this browser. In this browser, you may browse many websites and many details, browsing data are stored in files named Cookies and Caches. In order to clear all those caches and cookies, below there are few simple steps to clear all those cookies and caches with ease.


1. First, open Google Chrome.

2. Then go to settings.

3. By clicking the settings, you can see Privacy and security option.

4. Click that privacy and security option, then on the right side you can see Clear browsing data, click the option.

5. After clicking that, a new screen opens, there you can choose which one to delete either Browsing history or Cookies or Caches or all.

6. Finally, you can clear all caches and cookies in minutes with simple steps.

2.Clearing on Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is a famous browser used by many people and you may browse many websites. So some browsing data and information will be stored on files as cookies and caches. Many of you were searching for how to clear those files. Below I’ve mentioned a few simple steps to clear all those caches and cookies.

1. First, open Internet Explorer.

2. Then click tools option which was located on the top right corner.

3. After that, in general settings, you can see the delete option, click that option.

4. By clicking the delete option, a new tab opens, there you can choose which you want to delete either history or cookies.

5. Finally, you can clear all cookies and caches with ease.