June 20, 2024


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How to see the Last Seen of your friend in Whatsapp even if it’s Hidden?

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Did you ever wait for someone’s message on WhatsApp? Or have you ever tried to see your friend’s last Seen? But you can’t see the last seen on WhatsApp unless they keep it enabled. Because, nowadays, all the people are decided to hide their last seen in their WhatsApp. For that reason, I’ve found an epic way to see the last seen of your friend. By legally you can’t see the last seen, but you can see by using some third-party apps. Here I’ve found the app for seeing the last seen even if they hide it and the app named “WhatsLog“. By using this app, you can see all the last seen in WhatsApp and Telegram. Now let’s burst out the upcoming info about this app.

How to Install WhatsLog in your Android device?

Below I’m going to mention how to Install the WhatsLog app in your Android device. Before installing the app, be sure to use these third-party apps. Because nowadays we couldn’t decide what’s going to happen next. There’s no guarantee for any apps that were available now. So you need to be careful while using all these third-party apps. Here are a few steps to Install the WhatsLog app in your Android device.

  • First, go to PlayStore and search for Whatslog.
  • Click Install on the app which has the company name Whatslog or follow this link.
  • After installing, open the app and agree on its terms and conditions.
  • Click the “+” icon which was located at the top right corner.
  • By clicking that icon, you can see Telegram, Whatsapp options. For now, you’ll select WhatsApp.
  • Finally, enter the number which you need to see the last seen with the country code.

Uses and Features of WhatsLog

The WhatsLog app’s main feature is to see the last seen data of someone in WhatsApp and Telegram. WhatsLog app acts as the best assistant for tracking time on last seen. This app gives you a full-time job(i.e., gives information about last seen and showing whether your friend is online or offline). Like said before, this app gives you detailed statistics of your friend whether they were online or offline. If they go offline, a notification will pop up in your device and the same as If they come online, a notification will pop up in your device. You can add up to 10 profiles of each network.


From this, I conclude my list by telling the above post in brief. I’ve explained about the topic “How to see the last seen of your friend even if they hide it”. For seeing the last seen, Install the app named “WhatsLog

” in your Android device. I’ve mentioned this app only for Android users. By installing this app, you can gain so many features like seeing last seen, verifying whether they were online or offline, etc. This app is the best up growing time tracking for last seen for WhatsApp and Telegram. With this, I conclude my content.

Do you know any other apps to see the last seen in WhatsApp? If yes, then mention all those apps in the comment section so that everyone can know about it.