June 20, 2024


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What is Jio Glass? And its features.

jio glass and its features
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Jio Glass is the latest brand new Gadget which was developed by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)¬†during its 43rd Annual General Meeting. In that General Meeting, the reliance company did not reveal the gadget’s price and its availability. But they demonstrated the gadget and said clearly about its work when the people have. The Jio Glass shows up a Mixed Reality experience to people whoever uses it. Now in this article, I’ve given some info about this latest technological gadget which was developed by Reliance Industries Limited. Lets now go-ahead further.

This Glass is made to have virtual type classes for the Education purpose, mixed reality meetings, and so on. I think this would be a great time for this gadget because so many people would prefer this Jio Glass because of the Corona Virus pandemic. Nowadays, many people working digitally. For example, the employees are doing their job as WFH(Work From Home) and many students were attending their classes online. For these kinds of purposes, Reliance Industries has introduced this amazing gadget.

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In that meeting, Kiran Thomas, the President of Reliance Industries said, “Hello Jio, please call Aakash and Isha“. After that, the Glass connected a call to them. Then they had a Mixed reality video conference and showed us a great experience of demo. In that video conference, in Kiran Thomas’s view, Aakash showed a 3D avatar and Isha joined as a 2D video call interface. Let’s see the picture below how they confronted.

Specification and Features

Also, this Jio Glass comes with a cable, so that you can connect your device like mobiles to it. And Kiran Thomas said we can have a High-class visual experience with the cutting edge

of technology so that we have a high-resolution display with personalized audio without any accessories attached in it. This Audio supports all standard audio formats(i.e., inbuilt sound system).

Jio Glass weighs just 75 grams. The glass looks normal and once you connect your Glass with your mobile, then automatically you’ll be in an augmented world. A Voice assistant feature is also available. And these are the features that were commonly said by the president of Reliance Industries.

Pricing and Availability

The pricing of this cool gadget was not yet announced. And likewise, the availability of this gadget would be coming soon. I think the pricing would be affordable for all people. So we can expect this amazing gadget very soon in shops.


I’m concluding this article by apprising the summary in brief. This article all about the brand new cool gadget named “Jio Glass

” which was developed by Reliance Industries Limited. This Glass would create a great impact on people(i.e., would be helpful to everyone at this time due to corona pandemic). I said about Jio Glass and its specifications and its features. Right now, the pricing was not revealed by the company. But the Glass would be affordable to everyone. And that’s why I hope this article would be helpful to persons who don’t know about this “Jio Glass”.