May 27, 2024


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5 Cool Apple Watch Apps

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Apple is the top branded company that provides amazing wearable gadgets like smartwatches. It looks ultimately good and these watches weren’t sold as much as the smartphones. But also Apple doesn’t lose its hype. Still, many people are buying those smartwatches. For them, here in this article, I’ve mentioned 5 cool Apple Watch apps that you should try at least once. All 5 apps that come under the category of fitness, tracker, etc. And these apps will be cool to use and you’ll be admired to use those apps. Lets now view those Apple Watch apps.

Apple smartwatches are the coolest wearable gadgets that impressed the entire world. But those watches weren’t sold as much as the iPhones. Here below I’ve mentioned 5 cool apple watch apps that you should try. Once you used those apps, then you’ll be admired by those apps.

S.noApp NamePricingDownloading link
1.iTranslate TranslatorFreeInstall
2.Carrot Weather$4.99Install
4.Night SkyFreeInstall

1. iTranslate Translator:

This app is specially made for people like travelers, and some people who travel on their vacation. Those people will travel to many areas and in any case if they don’t know any specific language, by the time they can use this amazing iTranslate app that translates the language to which ones you prefer. The process is very simple. You just need to hold a microphone option and need to be spoken out the words. After that, choose the language which you prefer. There are many languages available and the results will be provided much accurately.

2. Carrot Weather:

There will be a change in many things including the weather day-by-day. Every day the weather will be changed which suits the condition of our world. For predicting all those weather information, meteorological information, and for these kinds of purposes, the Carrot Weather app is designed and published. Lots of features are available in this app. One specific feature I got admired is the Time Machine. I loved to use this feature. Just try this app for $4.99


3. Strava:

For fitness and health consistency, I would suggest the Strava app. This app provides you the tracking and analyzing options. It also gives you more features. The performance and your movement will be stored and will be displayed on that tiny screen. The activities like swimming, running, and cycling, the Strava app tracks, and stores in it. Also, you can be to share all those memories and photos very easily. The pricing of this app is free and if you need any subscription you can do.

Source: Techradar

4. Night Sky:

Night Sky is the app that provides you detailed information about the stars, planets, and the entire solar system. The process is very simple. You just need to point the objects above and you can see them in an AR view. This feature will provide you an amazing AR


5. VierRanger

We can tell about the ViewRanger app in just simple words. The ViewRanger acts as guidance and navigates routes through GPS location. Also, this app navigates the location even if you offline. You can share your location by using this app. ViewRanger app identifies the obstacles like peaks, places, and lakes through Augmented technology.


I’m concluding this article by wrapping up the summary. The article is about ” 5 Cool apple watch apps“. These apps were amazing and very cool to use. Once you’ve tried these apps, then you’ll be admired to use this. I’ve said clearly and given the downloading links to it. I hope this article will be helpful to all Apple Smartwatch users.