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6 Attractive Apps for Watching Anime in 2020

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Anime is the best concept that has millions and millions of fan base across different age grouped people. People from different countries love to watch anime series. Basically, the anime series will take a huge time for completion. But the people will love those waiting, and these delaying moments will create curiosity and enthusiasm in the people’s minds. The anime concept has been there before the arrival of the films. In this technological world, we can find lots of apps that were available to watch the anime series. If you’re searching for a way for watching the anime series? If yes, then you’ve jumped into the right destination. Here are the “6 Attractive Apps for Watching Anime in 2020“.

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5 Attractive Apps to Watch Anime Series:

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1. Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is the best app and best place to watch the anime series. The Crunchyroll has a huge collection of anime series. The people can watch more than 1000+ anime titles from the past episodes till the new episodes. The new users as well as the old users will definitely love using this app because Crunchyroll provides unpredicted happiness to the users. Crunchyroll also provides a premium pack that has more additive features like No Ads, Offline viewing facility, watch streams within one hour after release in Japan. These are some main key features in the premium pack and the users can trail that premium pack for 15 days. I suggest Crunchyroll for anime lovers.


HIDIVE is also one of the best apps to watch anime series. The people can watch the stream of the newest series straight from Japan. This app may have fewer reviews but has a great collection and stream for anime series. By using this app, you’ll never get bored because every day there will be anything special to watch. The contents will be added daily so that the users can watch the anime series consequently. The app provides a new simulcast title for every season. These are some features of the HIDIVE app.

3. Kissanime:

Kissanime is the best free app to watch the anime series. The Kissanime app contains different varieties of genres like Romance, Action, Science Fiction, and so on. Also, there are English subbed and dubbed versions are available in this Kisssanime app. The Kissanime app provides you a great intensive qualities of video from 240p to 2140p(4K). You can save your favourite series in your device and you can watch whenever you’re in free time.

4. AniTv:

AniTV is the free anime watching app that has a huge collection of anime series with free subtitles. An anime series with a free subtitle is enough for the anime lovers. The people who are all watching the anime series in this app will get satisfied and fullfilled because there are much great qualities are there in this app. Also, the AniTV provides the videos with the qualities form 240p to 1080p(HD). You can experience an stable operation without any lag and glitches during the duration of the series.

5. Netflix:

We all know the Netflix is popular for the Web series. And Netflix is also famous for the anime series too. Every anime lovers will be definitely experienced Netflix because the app has more series and has a good quality of videos. This app will come under the topmost place when compared to the anime series. This app is totally free to install, but after installation, the user needs to pay $8.99-$15.99 per month for the usage. And there are no more words to describe this fantabulous app. If you wish, check the related article-Click to view


6. Amazon Prime Video:

In the olden days, Amazon has started an anime series service but doesn’t gain much popularity from the people’s side. So they’ve stopped those services. And now in the present world, if you’re an account in Amazon Prime, then you can watch more anime series with the great attentive quality of videos. Also, there are dubbed versions of the anime series that are also available. I mainly suggest this app and the previous app named Netflix for anime lovers.


Are you an anime lover? If yes, then you’ve jumped in the right place. Here in this article, you can find “6 Attractive Apps for Watching Anime in 2020“. Out of these, I’ll suggest Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Amazon prime because these apps were very much grown and developed. So you can expect more from this app. I hope this article will be very much useful to all anime lovers. With this I’m concluding the article.