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10 Best Apps for Android TV in 2020;

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In this modern world, we all know that Android is the best operating system to use. Although, this Android is easy to handle and to use wisely in different tasks. When technology got improved day by day. we have received Android TV. And this TV is the upgraded version of the smart TV that was released on 25 June 2014. If you’re excited about this Android TV, then you must try certain apps that will make your TV much active and will improve its feature. However, if you bought any brand new version of Android TV, then try the apps which I’ve mentioned here in this article.

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10 Best Apps by Google that you should Try

10 Best Android TV apps;

S.NoApp NamePricingDownloading Link
1.iflixFree to InstallInstall
2.Yupp TVFree to InstallInstall
3.PlexFree to InstallInstall
4.SpotifyFree to InstallInstall
5.KodiFree to InstallInstall
6.NetflixFree to InstallInstall
7.Haystack newsFree to InstallInstall
8.Send Files to TVFree to InstallInstall
9.Twitch TVFree to InstallInstall
10.Aptoide Free to InstallInstall

1. iflix:

Are you searching for an app that provides movies, music, and TV series? If yes, then iflix will satisfy all your needs. This is because the iflix app provides you a TV series, movies, and streaming option for up to 2 hours. With this, subtitles are also available in languages like English, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, etc. The app is totally free to use and provides an exciting feature of downloading the videos for free. These downloads will stay up to 30 days, with this you can be able to watch the videos offline. Overall, the iflix app is the app where the users can watch TV series, movies for free and can also download them for free.


  • Watch TV series, movies, and videos for free.
  • Download the movies, videos, and watch it offline for up to 30 days.
  • Subtitles are available in languages like English, Indonesian, Burmese, etc.
  • Stream videos for up to 2 hours.

2. Yupp TV:

Yupp TV is an app that has lots of features and an online TV platform. Here, the users will get surprised because 200+ Live Indian Channels were available, Movies, Music, and sports channels are there. There are some famous channels like Star, Zee, and many were available. Channels are available in languages like Tamil, Malayalam, English, Telugu, Kannada, etc. If you wanna experience a lively worth of time, then use the app named Yupp TV.


  • Enjoy happily with 200+ Live channels, movies, music for free.
  • Channels are available for languages like Tamil, Malayalam, English, Kannada, etc.
  • IPL live stream is also available.
  • Finally, the app is free for watching movies, TV channels, music. If you want to watch them live, you need to pay some money.

3. Plex:

Plex is also another media providing platform. Here, in this app, the users need to sign in to the Plex server and after that, the streaming process will be carried out. There are 80+ live TV channels, movies, music, etc are available in this app. You can be able to stream thousands of movies for free. And, the users can easily playback media on the Plex server just by connecting them with the Android smartphone.


  • Stream thousands of movies for free just by connecting your Android smartphone to the Plex server.
  • Watch 80+ live channels, movies, hear music for free.
  • In addition to these features, watch News, hear podcasts, and many more.

4. Spotify:

We all know Spotify is one of the best music players. In Spotify, there are lots of music, and the users can listen to some spectacular podcasts for free. Spotify has in-app purchase because lots of live podcasts and for ad-free music, the user need to purchase some offer. If you didn’t try this app on your Android TV, just try the app and you will be amazed to use it. Overall, if you want to listen to high-quality songs, then you must try the app named Spotify.


  • Listen to millions and millions of high-quality songs for free.
  • Enjoy your time just by listening to podcasts too.
  • If you want ad-free songs, you just need to purchase some packs for usage.
  • Also, create your own curated playlist to amaze the music.

5. Kodi:

If you’re really searching for the best media player, then Kodi is the right choice for you. Once you installed Kodi and get started, then you can organize everything on your Android TV. Kodi is best because Kodi was an award-winning app and cross-platform means any operating system can use this app. This app comes with some impeccable features, so the users can try this app.


  • Play any kind of video or audio format on Kodi offline.
  • Easy to operate the app because Kodi is a user interface.
  • Sorts all the media files automatically in order.

6. Netflix:

Netflix is the current “the best” app that provides amazing series, movies, and TV shows. The app is fully available only for subscription and if you subscribe to the app, it will be much worth your money. There are no other words to describe the app because Netflix is the best app that every Android TV users must install. If you subscribed to the app, you will get different varieties of series, movies in different languages with subtitles too.



  • Watch impressive Netflix original series, movies, TV shows.
  • Download the videos and save your Internet.
  • Series from all around the world with

7. Haystack News:

Nowadays, every Android TV arrives with plenty of applications like Youtube, Music player, Movie player, etc. Also, if you want to watch the updated News, then Haystack News is the best option for you. In this Haystack news app, you’ll get the latest news about sports, politics, local and world news, etc. The users will get curated and live coverage of news channels and the users will definitely benefit great immersive experience. By reviewing all the features, this Haystack app will be a great one to listen to everyday news in a fraction of time.


  • Watch local and World TV news with live coverage.
  • This app is fully free and you’ll get 300+ local and global channels.
  • Experience trusted news of business and International news with famous channels like ABC News, CBSN news, Bloomberg, etc.

8. Send Files to TV:

Send Files to TV is the sharing application that allows the users to transfer their media files, applications, movies, music files, and many more files to their TV. All you need is to install the application on both the smartphone and on your Android TV. By mentioning all the above applications, this would be the better app that must be installed on every Android TV to transfer certain files as much as faster. Also, you can connect your smartphone to your PC(Personal Computer) too. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi connection.


  • Transfer the files from one device to another within a fraction of time.
  • Files like apps, music, movies are also be shared.
  • The wireless transfer takes place, which means transfer done through the WiFi connection.

NOTE: Make sure that both the paired devices are connected to the same WiFi network. For example, the Android TV receiver and the Smartphone sender must be connected to the same WiFi network.

9. Twitch TV:

Are you a gamer? If yes, then you must know about this app named Twitch TV. Twitch TV allows you (Gamer) to stream your game with some amazing features packed inside it. The top 3 key features are the users can watch the gamers streaming, then the users can chat during the games taking place through broadcasting, and finally the users can stream their games. This is one of the best platforms to watch games on TV on the big screen. Watching games and streaming games on a big screen will be a dream for gamers, and this Twitch TV will satisfy all your dreams.



  • Watch your favorite games that were streaming live for free.
  • If you want to make a chat in between the stream, the option is available.
  • Finally, stream your favorite game for long hours until you get tired.

10. Aptoide:

Aptoide is an app that provides you lots of applications. If you’re wondering how, then clearly, the aptoide is as like of Google play store. If you’re searching for an app and if that app is not in the play store, then download that app in Aptoide. The Aptoide is a third-party app and most of the third-party apps aren’t safe to use. But if you wanna take the risk, then you can try this app. By coming to the end, this is the app that has lots of facilities like Google Playstore, but the thing is your thought of installation.


  • Download any app that you’re interested in with just one click.
  • Different varieties and categories are available in this app.


We are down in the summary part. This article totally covers the topic named “10 Best Apps for Android TV“. The above-mentioned 10 apps were the best and in the future, the updated version will be posted. All the applications and their features are mentioned in a crystal clear format. Also, the downloadable link is provided in the box named “Install”. If you know any other best apps for Android TV, just mention them in the comment section, so that everyone can know about it. With this, the article gets concluded, and I hope this article may worth your time.