June 20, 2024


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How to Delete a Twitter Account Permanently?

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Twitter is one of the best social networking services in the current modern world. In this platform, there are around more than 320 million users, and millions of information are passed through tweets. The app is awesome and easy to handle but the time always won’t be stable. At some point, you may have a disturbed mindset, or feeling to have another fresh account, or thought of having a small break in all kinds of social media platforms. For all these kinds of reasons, you may think to get rid of your Twitter account. If you take a look at Twitter’s account, you can be able to see only the deactivating option. Because there’s only a deactivate option is available in the Twitter account. Are you searching to delete a Twitter account permanently? If yes, then this would be the right place. Let’s get down into the article.

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How to Delete a Twitter account permanently;

As I mentioned a few reasons for quitting a Twitter account, for those reasons, you’ll search for the procedure to get rid of your Twitter account. Deleting a Twitter account is not a tough task, you can deactivate your Twitter account within a piece of time. All those procedures to delete a Twitter account is mentioned here in this article. First of all, you can only able to deactivate your Twitter account within minutes. “For deleting your account permanently, it takes up to 30 days of inactiveness of your account after deactivating“.

Once you decided to deactivate your Twitter account, then you’ll have a certain time period of 30 days. Within those 30 days, you can be able to login into your account again. But if the time limit crosses, then your account automatically get vanished and will be deleted permanently due to the inactiveness after deactivating. If you log in to your Twitter account again in those grace time, you will again get all of your account access.


For deleting the Twitter account, you will have a certain reason. In that, if you wish to change your username or email address, or phone number, you can change then in the settings itself. So no need to vanish your Twitter account for this reason. But if you really want to have a fresh account, then you can do this process of deleting a Twitter account. Let’s get into the procedures for deactivat ing a Twitter account.



1. First of all, log in to your Twitter account and then make sure that if you’re really wanna trash your account.

2. Then after logging in, take a look at the top left corner, there will be three horizontal lines. Click that horizontal lines and after that click the option named “Settings and Privacy“.

3. In settings and privacy, once again click the option named “Account“.

4. And finally, in this account settings, you can find the option for deactivating the Twitter account at the bottom before the logout option. Click the option “Deactivate your account” to deactivate the Twitter account.

5. At last, after choosing the deactivating option, you need to enter your account’s password to deactivate your account. If you again want to log in to your account, you can just simply do log-in the process as usual to reactivate your Twitter account.


This article has finally reached its conclusion. The article is all about “How to delete a Twitter account permanently”. The procedures and steps were mentioned clearly for deactivating a Twitter account. All the procedures are the same for all the other devices like iOS, PC, and macOS, etc. If you want to delete your account permanently you just need to wait for 30 days and in that 30 days, your account must be inactive. And that’s it, I hope this article will be useful to the Twitter users.