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How to check a device got hacked or not; Best Expert tips to avoid getting hacked;

tips and tricks to avoid getting hacked
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In recent times, crime and hacking have much developed with the help of technology’s day-to-day updates. So, we the people must be engaged with the latest technology and need to safeguard ourselves. Especially, all the girls should be aware of the technology and need to be safe while using digital gadgets. Here in this blog, I’m gonna give you a few tips and tricks to avoid getting hacked. In this article, all the tips and tricks were mentioned based on what I’ve learned from the Cyber Security specialists. If you really want to be safe, then check out all the things which I’ve mentioned here and then just apply a few things in addition to it. Finally, let’s crack the tips and tricks that will defend your device from getting hacked.

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How to check whether your device got hacked or not;

Before viewing the things and methods to check whether if the device got hacked or not, we must know how this process happens. First of all, the main reason for hacking takes place is due to our unconsciousness and irresponsibility. Yes, if we all are protecting ourselves, then these kinda problems couldn’t have arisen. The major thing is, we can consider a picture, and if it is not necessary, then why we are taking the snapshots. So we want to take a snap only which we need and an important one. Like this, we should follow some restrictions if we wanted to get adapt to today’s technology gadgets. Here are some methods to check whether if your device got hacked or not. Just check all those methods and then apply all the tips and tricks that were mentioned in further headings.

1. Check Boot loader enabled or disabled:

The boot loader is software that runs whenever your device gets started. The thing is always the boot loader must be turned off, I mean the boot loader should be locked. Mostly if your boot loader is locked, then you can avoid cybersecurity threats. If the boot loader is unlocked, then you may face some threats from criminal hackers. When the boot loader option is unlocked, then the PIN or Passwords can be accessed by the hackers through physical access. So, we must lock the boot loader option on our Android device. This is the major tip that everyone must check-in on their device. To check whether if the boot loader is ON or OFF, follow the method which I’ve mentioned below.


  • At first, open your Dial-up pad on your device.
  • Then enter a number with a few characters, this will show you if whether the boot loader is enabled or disabled.
  • The code is “*#*#7378423#*#*
  • The above code will show you whether the boot loader is enabled or disabled with YES or NO answers.

2. Check the Root mode enabled or disabled:

Usually, every smartphone will come with the option ROOT mode disabled. Here on the Android devices, we’re gonna check whether if the root mode is enabled or disabled. And this is because the Android device is totally based on the Linux operating system. The “ROOTING” is the process of obtaining or gaining root access to any device if it is enabled. In other words, obtaining full access to a device. If this root mode is enabled, then a particular app can access other apps and the threats are possible. So, we need to disable or turn off the root option on our Android device to avoid threats from hackers. The process of checking whether the Root is disabled or enabled can be done by using an application named Root Checker.

  • First of all, download the app named “Root Checker” from the Google Playstore or follow this link.
  • After installation, just enter into the app and then check whether if the root option is enabled or disabled.
  • If it is enabled, then disable it and that too can be done in that application.

3. Restrict Accessibility:

Accessibility is the process of giving access to the application or software to control a device in which it got installed. While the installation process or after the installation process, don’t give unnecessary accessibility to any application. And mainly, the user should not give access to the third-party applications. This can affect your device and will help the hackers to gain secrets and privacy. So, we need to be cautious when giving accessibility to the applications. If you wanna check the accessibility options, then go to settings and search for accessibility. There you can do fix the accessibility options easily.

4. Check Administrator/Manage options:

In our smartphone, we will always install many applications based on our thoughts of the mind. Installing an application is not a bad task, but enabling an admin option on a particular app will definitely create a problem for your device. Clearly, if the admin option is enabled on any third-party application, then your details, media files, PIN, Passwords can be stolen or even they can be able to Monitor all your device activities. So, everyone must aware of the admin option and should not give any access to any other unwanted applications even if necessary.

  • Go to settings and search for admin or administrator.
  • After that, open the admin options and check whether if any unwanted apps having admin options enabled.
  • If it is enabled, then disable the app’s admin option.
  • If “Find My Device” is turned on, then it is not a problem.
  • Other than this, disable every application admin option.

Tips and Tricks to avoid getting hacked;

All the above-mentioned points and methods are to check whether if the device got hacked or not. But if you really want to protect yourself, then follow some tips and tricks that were mentioned below to avoid getting hacked. Nearly 90% of the problems will be cleared if you apply all the tips which I’ve mentioned below.


1. Avoid Downloading apps out from Google PlayStore:

The first and foremost important thing is to avoid downloading apps out from Google Playstore. If you ask why then the reason is most of the hack and crime that takes only through the third-party sources. A third-party source means using a third-party application. This third party app is neither authorized nor protected to use. So mostly, crime and hack take place through these kinds of applications. I’m not mentioning all the other apps in the Google Playstore are much secured, but the apps in Google Playstore are always been checking properly and vanishing them quickly after knowing if it is harmful to use. This is the first important thing to protect yourself from getting hacked.

2. Avoid opening unknown mails with attachments:

The second thing is opening a mail from an unknown person with some unwanted attachments may cause some malicious problems to your device. In recent times, the peoples were receiving more scam emails from an unknown person with some unwanted attachments. When you open these kinds of mails, then the person who sends that scam mail can be able to access your device right away. So, please just be aware of opening certain kinds of emails from an unknown person.

3. Don’t use unsecured Internet Connection or Public WiFi:

According to recent surveys from many countries that the people were widely using the common WiFi or Internet connection and from that usage, all the details were stolen immediately from the cybercriminals. The reason to avoid using public WiFi and unsecured Internet connection is, they don’t have secured access and that might cause some encryption problems as well as malicious problems. So, the users need to use the networks that have WPA or WPA2 types of connections. Also, before the usage of the WiFi connections in a public place, know all the information’s like the security codes, passwords, and its name properly. Once you’re clear that the connection is secured, then you can use them. But mostly avoid using public WiFi and unsecured Internet Connection.

4. Use Anti-Virus software:

Anti-virus is the software that protects computers and smartphones from malicious functions and cybercriminals. Using an Anti-virus application doesn’t matter, but using the right and perfect antivirus detector is a major purpose. And you can find the best anti-virus application at this link. From this webpage, you can find a protector and a savior for your system. Below a few applications are mentioned based on their recent good performances.

  • First App will be “Kaspersky” Antivirus.
  • The second App will be “Avast” Antivirus.
  • And finally, last but not least, the app is named “McAfee“.

5. Manage Passwords:

Passwords are the basic thing that we always give in the process of sign up. Mostly, every people will generate passwords as their name with some special characters to identify them easily. But the people don’t get realized that the hacker too can identify it easily. So every password must be in an encrypted manner. If you wonder how it will be possible, then follow the next line. Give passwords to important accounts based on only characters with alternatives. Generate passwords based on this way, so that cybercriminals can’t steal any information from you. For example, generate a password like below.


6. Turn off Internet Connection:

In our smartphones, most of the applications will be used based on Internet Connections. Or, most of the applications can be used only if the Internet is available. For example, apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and these social media applications, the Internet connection is a must. The Tip here is to Log out from the application after the usage and just turn off your Internet connection for at least a piece moment. When your smartphone is disconnected from the Internet connection for a while moment, then the hackers couldn’t do or access anything for those unswitched moments. So, always turn off the Internet connection when you’re not using your smartphones.

7. Final short quick tips:

  • Use Firewall applications, that will defend your smartphone from the root accessing problems. A famous app named “No Root Firewall” is the best one to use.
  • Then Use VPNs wherever needs are necessary and don’t ever click unnecessary links. Clicking unnecessary links might attack your device with some malicious problems and cyber threats.
  • Always download resources from trusted and famous webpages or websites.
  • Always enable the “Two Step Verification” in every application wherever it is possible.
  • Don’t install unwanted Addons or extensions from any websites. This may cause some threats and help the hackers easily to hack your device.


The article has reached its summary part. This article is about giving “Tips and Tricks to avoid getting hacked“. All the tips and tricks were said by the Cyber Security specialists and everyone must check all these things on their devices. And then, all these tips and tricks were mentioned in a crystal clear format. If you find any other important tips to be safe from hackers, then mentioned them in the comment section. Hope it will be very much useful to many people. If you like this blog post, then share it with your friends, so that they will be aware of these kinds of threats.