June 20, 2024


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How to Delete your Gmail ID Permanently

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Are you searching for how to Delete your Gmail ID permanently? If you’re interested to have another email service, for that, you’ll like to eradicate your Gmail ID which you have created several years before. Once you’ve Deleted your ID permanently, all your Email service and account details will be erased. But deleting your Gmail ID won’t erase all details. It won’t erase the details which you’ve synced with the applications like Google Drive, Google Play Games, etc. To delete these details too. You just need to delete your Google Account. This article is all about explaining “How to delete your Gmail ID permanently” and besides, I’m going to tell you “How to delete your Google Account”.

How to Delete your Gmail ID permanently?

Deleting your Gmail ID is an easy thing and you can delete your Gmail ID in minutes. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to delete your Gmail ID permanently in a very quick time.

1. First, sign in to your Gmail Account.

2. Then click the Grid icon which was located at the top right corner and select the “Account” option. After selecting, a new tab opens. There you can be able to see your Account details.

3. After entering into your Account, select the Data and Personalisation option which was located on the left side column. There you can see more options featuring on Right-side. By scrolling down, you can see an option like Delete, Download, or make a plan for your data. Click the Delete service option. After clicking, you can see a page like an image mentioned below.


4. Select either Deleting a Google service or Google Account. By clicking Google service, you can delete your Gmail ID permanently, and by clicking the Google account, you can delete your Google Account and all stored data like photos, emails, etc.

5. Enter your password after selecting the delete a Google service option. Then click the Trash icon.

6. After clicking the trash button, enter an alternative mail ID, so that you’ll receive a code. Enter the code for deleting the Gmail service process. Finally, enter the code. Then select yes, so that your Gmail service will be deleted. For deleting Google Account, select the above-mentioned option(i.e., Delete a Google Account option).

7. After entering into that option, a page opens. There you can save all your data and finalize to delete your Google account. Then by scrolling down, click the delete option to delete your account. This deletion will erase all your subscriptions, bookmarks from chrome, Google drive data, Google photos, etc.


8. And that’s it. Now you’ll know how to delete your Gmail ID as well as your Google Account.


I’m concluding this article by telling the summary in clear. This article is all about explaining “How to Delete Gmail ID permanently” and also I’ve said about how to delete Google Account too. I’ve said clearly and mentioned a few steps. By following those steps, you can delete your ID in minutes and with ease. With this, I’m concluding this article. I hope this article would be helpful to everyone.