June 20, 2024


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How to Block Text Messages and Calls on Verizon Messages?

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Messages, Calls are the only source that connects the people even if they’re in distance. Through messages and calls, people can express their feelings, but not completely in person. Today, there are so many messaging platforms available, in that list, Verizon Messages is one of the messaging platforms. Verizon Messages is a messaging platform where users can make texts, calls with their friends or families. Here in this app, the user can create groups to connect people over 250. In addition to this, there are so many features like Driving mode, HD Voice calling are available.

If you want to block someone to avoid their text messages and calls in this app, then it is easy to do. There can be much reason to block someone, for this purpose, Verizon makes it simple for their users. Users can block up to 5 members for free, if they want to block more than this number, then they need to purchase the premium pack. In the premium pack, they can block text messages and calls up to 20. Here in this article, I’m going to guide you towards the way for blocking someone on the Verizon messages app. Let’s wrap the article.

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How to Block Text Messages and Calls on Verizon Messages?

There will many reasons to block someone, once after blocking the user, you won’t receive text messages or calls anymore. If a user blocks someone on Verizon, then it easy to unblock them. The user can block people up to 5 members in the free version, but in the premium version, they can block up to 20 members. Let’s make quick steps to block someone on the Verizon messages app.



  • First of all, open any browser and navigate to this website (vzw.com/support/blockcalls).
  • After that, sign in to your account.
  • Once signed in, select the “My plans and service” option, in that option choose the “Block Calls and Messages” option.
  • Finally, enter the number which you want to block and click the submit option.
  • After blocking the user, if you want to unblock them, just remove the number
    which you’ve already entered on that list, and once again click the submit option.
  • And that’s it, you’ve block successfully blocked the user.


Final words before the conclusion of the article. This article is about the topic “How to Block Text Messages and Calls on Verizon Messages”. The user can block up to 5 numbers in the free version, if they want to cross the limit, then they need to subscribe to their paid version. In the paid version, the user can block up to 20 members. Here in this article, I’ve mentioned the steps to block someone on Verizon messages. Check out the steps and finish them in just 5 minutes.