June 20, 2024


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How to Change the Location in Facebook Marketplace?

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Have you ever explored the Facebook application wisely, if yes then you might know about the Marketplace on Facebook? Facebook Marketplace is a place where the users can sell or buy products instantly. And in this feature, the location plays a vital role. Because, only with the correct location, the seller can transfer the products to the buyer. Without the right location in their account, it won’t be possible to carry on further on Facebook Marketplace. If you’re searching for the setting to change the location in the Facebook marketplace, then you’ve reached the correct spot. Here in this article, I’ll provide you the exact solution for changing the location in Marketplace.

Did you know?

How to get Facebook Marketplace?

As I explained before. the Facebook Marketplace is a place where people can sell or buy products online. There are so many platforms are there like this, but this feature in Facebook is unique. If you want to know more about Facebook Marketplace, then just visit the above table. There I’ve provided the step-by-step procedure to activate the marketplace on Facebook. Location of the seller and buyer is the most important thing to buy or sell a product on this platform. At the beginning, itself, while creating the account, the marketplace will ask for the location. And after that, you can change your location at any time.

How to Change Location in Facebook Marketplace?

Changing the location in Facebook Marketplace isn’t a tough task. You can complete the process of changing the location within 5 minutes. For that, you need to follow some short steps. Let’s take a quick look at the procedures for that.

Procedures to Change the location in Facebook Marketplace:

1. At first, open the Facebook application on your smartphone or PC. After that, log in to your account just by entering the username and passwords correctly.

2. Up next, on the Facebook homepage, you can be able to see the icon of the marketplace that looks like a house. Click the “marketplace icon“.

3. Then after selecting the marketplace icon, you’ll be getting into your marketplace account. There select the “profile” icon that will be located at the top near the search bar.

4. After that, your profile setting will get opened. In that, click the option named “Location“. Once you’ve selected the location setting, you can change your account location in two ways. One will be choosing the suggested radius and the other one will be the custom radius.

5. In the suggested radius

option, the account will directly track your location automatically. When you click the Custom radius option, you need to choose the exact location just by dragging the map by yourself.

6. Finally, if you follow all the above steps, you can easily change your location in the Facebook Marketplace.


This article all about the topic of “How to Change the Location in Facebook Marketplace“. Here, I’ve provided some simple steps to change the location and you can change your location at any time. The steps will be entering into your marketplace profile and changing the location in either the suggested radius or custom radius option. Both will be easier to change the location. If you want to know more about Facebook Marketplace, then visit the link in the table named “Did you know”.