June 20, 2024


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How to Cancel Avatarify Subscription?

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Avatarify is the AI Face Animator application in which you can make new enriched photos. The app contains lots of realistic features, in that, you can give rebirth to peoples, becoming like a famous people, and turning into whoever you want to be. Like this, the app contains more features, and also this app contains subscriptions for more additional features. If you’ve already done a subscription on this app and trying to cancel the subscription, then you’re in the right place. Here in this article, I’m gonna guide you on how to cancel the Avatarify Subscription on Android and iOS devices. The process will be simple and let’s wrap up the article for further passages.

Did you know?

How to Download Avataify for Android?

There can be many reasons to cancel the subscription of a specific application. Some reasons will be uninterested or bored to use anymore, to avoid further updates, etc. For this reason, you can either delete the app from your device or canceling the subscription to the app. Canceling the app’s subscription would be a better choice instead of deleting the app. Once you cancel the subscription, you won’t receive any kind of additional premium features. So that you’ll get relief from that certain application. If you want to use the app just within the free version, then it would be also a better one. Also if you’re an Android user and searching for a way to download Avatarify on your device, just follow the above link for the downloading process.

How to Cancel Avatarify Subscription in Android device?

If you’re an Android user, then canceling the subscription is done directly on the Google PlayStore itself. You just need to follow some simple procedures for canceling the subscription. And those steps can be finished within 5 minutes. Here are the steps for Android.

1. First of all, open Google PlayStore

on your device. From that app, you can see the three horizontal lines as a menu, select that “Menu” option that is located in the top left corner.

2. Then, in the menu, select the option named “Subscriptions“. In this option only you can be able to cancel every app’s subscription on Android without canceling from the site.

3. Finally, find the app named Avatarify from the subscription and cancel the subscription of the app.

How to Cancel Avatarify Subscription in iOS device?

If you’re an iOS user, then here are some simple steps to cancel the avatarify subscription. Canceling the Avatarify subscription will be somewhat different from Android. In Android, we’ll do it in the Google PlayStore, and here for iOS, we’re doing it in the Settings. And this is a difference, below are the steps to cancel avatarify subscription on an iOS device.

1. At first, open “Settings” on your device. In that, click your Profile Name that will be located at the center top itself.


2. After that, select the “Subscription” option from the profile. This subscription will be available in the Apple ID.

3. Then find the Avatarify app and click the cancel subscription option. If the cancel option doesn’t appears, then the subscription has already cancelled.


Here are some final words about the article. This article is about the topic “How to Cancel Avatarify Subscription“. In this article, I’ve provided the procedures for both Android and iOS devices. For Android, the process is done in the Google PlayStore and for iOS, the process is done in the Apple ID. If you’re out of time, then the app automatically cancels your premium pack, so that no need to cancel the subscription. To download the Avatarify for Android, just follow the above link that is in the Did you know table.