June 20, 2024


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How to Unfriend in KakoaTalk Messenger?

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KakoaTalk is a popular messaging app in Korea. There are around 34 million users in South Korea. This messaging app is available in 15 languages so that apart from Korea, there are many users for KakoaTalk all around the world. Whenever you meet a new guy, you’ll make them your friend. By the way, your friend list on KakoaTalk will be filled with more friends. Also, you may not be in touch with your few friends, and that will be filled as unwanted chats in your Inbox. So to clear the friend’s list, you can better unfriend them in two ways. It’s simple to unfriend a contact on KakoaTalk. Follow up the content to get the details of How to Unfriend in KakoaTalk Messenger.

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How to Unfriend in KakoaTalk Messenger?

Whenever you meet a new person and getting into a relationship, then you may like to add them to your friend’s list on your Social media account. It is easy to add the person to your Social media account, but if you don’t have the conversation as before, then your inbox will be filled out with more contacts. So unfriend in KakoaTalk is simple and by doing this, you can clean your inbox in your KakoaTalk account. There are two different to unfriend your friend’s conversation in your KakoaTalk account. One method is by blocking the person and the other method is much similar to the first one. Follow the procedures to unfriend in your KakoaTalk Messenger account.


1. First of all, open your KakoaTalk Messenger app and stay on the main page itself.

2. After opening your KakoaTalk Messenger app, now choose the “Friends” option. The icon of friends option will be a person’s head.


3. Now in the friends setting, select the person/friend whom you want to unfriend from your KakoaTalk messenger app. After deciding the contact, long press the profile of your friend.

4. After long pressing your friend’s contact, several options will get appeared. From that, choose “Block” option to unfriend your friend in your KakoaTalk account.

5. Once after choosing the block option, your friend’s contact won’t be shown anymore. Similarly, follow the same procedure to unfriend your friend in your KakoaTalk account.

METHOD 2: If you want to unfriend your friend rather than blocking, then follow the below mentioned steps to unfriend.

  • Open your KakoaTalk app.
  • Select Friends tab.
  • Now select your friend’s contact and long press the name.
  • After that, select block from that several options.
  • And then, after blocking the contact, now unblock the contact.
  • Finally, the app will ask you whether you need to restore the contact to your friend’s list again? You need to choose “No
    ” option.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article is about how to unfriend in KakoaTalk messenger app. There are two different ways to unfriend in KakoaTalk messenger app. One is hiding the person in your account and the other method is to block the person. By comparing these two methods, blocking is better than hiding. So I have mentioned the procedures to block a person in KakoaTalk messenger. If you don’t to block your friend’s contact, then follow the method 2 topic mentioned above in the article. And that’s it, if you want to know how to delete KakoaTalk account, then follow the “Did you know?“table or this link.