June 19, 2024


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How to Enable Multiple Inboxes in Gmail?

How to Manage Multiple Inboxes in Gmail
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If you’re a regular user of Gmail and missed out on important mail, then it can be easily fixed. Gmail is a free email service that was provided by Google. Gmail bringing out lots of features for its users, from that “Multiple Inbox” is one of its features. Multiple Inboxes enable you to have multiple inboxes in a single Gmail account. This will help you to view the important emails that you’re missed up. And this will also help you check out multiple categories like Drafts and Needs Response in a single Inbox. To have this in your Gmail account, you need to customize a few options in your Gmail account. Just follow this article and enable multiple inboxes in your Gmail account.

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What is Multiple Inboxes in Gmail?

Multiple inbox feature in Gmail shows up multiple inboxes with different categories in a single inbox. This will help you to check out multiple inboxes at a same time. And also it saves time. By enabling this feature, you can’t miss any important emails that need to be responded to immediately. To enable this feature in your Gmail account, you need to follow some procedures to customize some options. It’s very simple to do. This feature will be done only on Desktops and not on Smartphones. After enabling this feature, you can be able to see multiple inboxes on a single page. Here are the procedures to enable Multiple Inbox in Gmail.

How to Enable Multiple Inbox in Gmail?

1. First of all, open any browser and navigate

to Gmail and sign in to your account.

2. In Gmail, click settings that will be located at the top right corner near your account’s profile.

3. Now, after selecting settings, multiple options will show under. From that, scroll down and enable the Multiple Inbox option. After that, select the customize option and follow the below procedures.

How to Customize Multiple Inbox feature?

1. Once after choosing the customize option, you can customize your multiple inbox feature with different categories with the position. For example, if you want to check the drafts inbox and spam, then you can place those categories in the same inbox.

2. To fix the different categories on Multiple inboxes, go to the category and copy the name that was in the search bar in Gmail and paste it into the multiple inbox section’s “search query“.

3. Similarly, you can create up to 5 sections. After pasting the search query, click the “Save Changes” options to finalize your choices.

4. And that’s it, finally, choose the position and click save changes to save the choices which you’re made.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article is about How to enable and customize multiple inbox features on Gmail. In Gmail, Multiple Inbox is a feature in which a user can use it by having multiple inboxes with different categories on a single inbox. Let’s recap the process to enable the Multiple Inbox feature. Go to your Gmail account and select settings. In Settings, scroll down and enable the multiple inbox feature. And finally, select customize and fix different categories for your multiple inbox sections just by following the above procedures.