July 15, 2024


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How to Use Snapchat filters in Google Meet and Zoom Meet?

how to use snapchat filters on google meet and zoom meet - foftact
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Snapchat filters are the best source to enhance your look and style to a virtual level. There is no doubt about ut that no other source is better than these Snapchat filters. But have you ever thought of using these Snapchat filters in your Google Meet or Zoom Meet while you’re in the company’s conference, or in the online class meeting? If you find it difficult, then the process is very simple and everyone can do this with their PC or Laptop. The source which is used here is “Snap Camera“. Snap Camera provides you the exact features that Snapchat gives you. Even though Snap Camera is a third-party source, but it will enhance your meeting with some glittering filters. Follow up this article and grab how to use these Snapcamera filters in Google Meet and Zoom Meet.

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Requirements and How to Download Snap Camera in your PC?

Snap Camera is a third-party tool that is used as a camera filter. This tool is compatible only with Windows and macOS devices. In Windows, the OS should be 10, and for mac, the macOS should be 10.13 or the latest one. Then the processors should be Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz or AMD FX 4300 2.6Ghz with 4GB of RAM. These are the basic requirements to download the Snap Camera software on your PC. Here are the procedures to download Snap Camera to your PC.

1. To download Snap Camera, open any browser and navigate to this website called “snapcamera.snapchat.com“.

2. After entering the website, you can be able to see the “Download” button at the top right corner. Click that download button.

3. At last, choose the device compatibility like Windows or Mac. Then select the download option for your PC. If your PC is running with Windows OS, then choose the Windows download option, or if your PC is running with MacOS, then choose the MacOS download option.

How to Use Snap Camera on Google Meet?

I think you may check up on your PC’s requirements to download the software and you may download it. After downloading the software, it is simple to use this Snap Camera on Google meet. For the process, you should open the Snap Camera software on your PC and it should be running in the background. Here is the procedure to use it on Google Meet.


1. First of all, open your favorite browser and search for “meet.new” or start an instant meeting.

2. In the new meeting or existing meeting, select the three vertical dots and in that, select “settings“.

3. After that, in settings, click the video option, and in that, under the camera section, choose the Snap Camera option in the dropdown menu.

4. Finally, if you can’t view the Snap Camera option under the camera section, close the Snap Camera software and once again run the software in the background. If you’ve finished selecting the Snap Camera under the camera option, then you can use the Snap Camera filters in your Google Meet.

How to Use Snap Camera on Zoom Meet?

1. As I mentioned previously for Google Meet, the same procedures will be followed. Now, open Snap Camera software, and the software must be running in the background. Then open Zoom meet software on your PC. Start an instant meeting

in the Zoom software.

2. In Zoom meet, click the arrow that is near the video option under the meeting. In that, select the Snap Camera filter to use the Snap Camera features in the Zoom meeting.

3. Finally, after selecting Snap Camera as the camera for your Zoom meeting, you’ll have some coolest filters for your Zoom Meet.

NOTE: To use Snap Camera in Google meetings or Zoom meetings, the Snap Camera software should run in the background. The filter which you’re chosen in the background, that will show you as a filter in Google Meet or Zoom Meet.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article is about how to use Snapchat filters on Google meetings and Zoom meetings. For this process, you need to download a software called Snap Camera and then follow up the process which I’ve mentioned above. Briefly, change your default camera settings in each of the meeting software. And that’s it, this is a third-party tool and it doesn’t too secure to use on PC, but it will be totally based on your choice.