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Top Grammarly Alternatives you need to know in 2022;

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Grammarly is a popular tool and the most widely used tool among many content writers. Not only content writers, but many people may also already know about this amazing tool. By coming to the point, Grammarly is a tool used to correct grammar mistakes, to check plagiarism among the content, spell check, etc.

Also, this tool identifies small mistakes like punctuations, clarity of the sentence, etc. Grammarly uses AI to identify all these mistakes that were on the content. With all these functions, the user can make content in a crystal clear format. The user can operate this tool just by installing a small extension at the top of the browser itself.

This tool is available in both free and paid versions. Even though Grammarly is the best writing assistant, it won’t be correct always. To compensate for this reason, there are many alternative tools are available to Grammarly. For your convenience, I’ve sorted out a list of the best Grammarly alternative tools that can be used as a great writing assistant. Let’s get into the article to find out the best Grammarly alternatives.

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Best Grammarly Alternatives:

1. ProWritingAid

The first application that opens up the list is ProWritngAid. ProWritingAid is a tool used to correct grammar mistakes, plagiarism, style editing, and for other correcting purposes on the content. When compared with Grammarly, ProWritingAid is a bit slower while checking for mistakes, but Grammarly provides the instant solution in a piece of minutes.

Apart from this reason, ProWritingAid is a good tool for correcting grammar mistakes, clarity of the sentence, etc in the content. This tool contains both free versions as well as a premium version. ProWritingAid Premium pack is for $57.93/year and the premium+ pack is for $65.27/year. Click the below link to visit the ProWritingAid official website.

2. Beewriter:

The second tool that comes in the list of Grammarly alternatives is Beewriter. Beewriter is a writing assistant tool mostly used for correcting grammar mistakes, punctuations, sentence clarity, etc. This tool provides different types of features and supports six different types of languages.

The key features of this tool are that it provides different kinds of suggestions for words, sentence clarity, and it accurately corrects grammar mistakes. Beewriter is available in two pricing levels. The first one is the basic level for $5/month, and the Premium level is for $10/month. Finally, this tool can be used in platforms like browsers, browser extensions, etc.


3. Paper Rater:

Here’s another best Grammarly alternative tool named Paper Rater. Paper Rater can be used for plagiarism checking, correcting grammar mistakes, and for sentence clarity. For all these purposes, the Paper Rater tool is used in many writing contents.

You will raise the question that “Is Paper Rater is much better than Grammarly”? When compared with Grammarly, Paper Rater is a bit slower while checking the plagiarism on the content. Apart from that, if you want to use a tool for correcting grammar mistakes in your content, then you can use Paper Rater. Paper Rater is available in the free version and the premium version for $71.55/yr.

4. Outwrite:

Outwrite, is a tool used for correcting grammar mistakes, checking plagiarism on the written content. Is Outwrite is better than Grammarly? For this question, the answer will be quite simple. By using Outwrite, the user can be able to correct grammar mistakes as in Grammarly, then the user can strengthen the vocabulary of the content and the sentence clarity.

You can use Outwrite as simply as you can. First, you can correct the grammar mistakes on the content, then you can strengthen your sentence vocabulary and punctuations, and at last, you can recreate your sentence. Outwrite can be used in three formats such as Essential(Free), Pro, and Teams. The Pro is available at $9.95/month and the Teams is available at $7.95/user/month.

5. Ginger Software:

The last tool that ends up in the list of Grammarly alternatives is Ginger Software. Ginger Software is software used for checking grammar mistakes in the written content and it is also used as a Sentence rephrase. Asking the same question that is “Which is better, either Grammarly or Ginger”?. For this question, Grammarly provides an instant solution with plagiarism checking feature, but Ginger software lags to provide plagiarism effect on the written content.

Ginger can be used to correct grammar mistakes and this tool is available on the platforms such as Android browsers, Windows web browsers, and the browser extension. The Ginger software premium plans are Annual pack, Monthly pack, etc. The Annual pack costs $7.49/month and the monthly pack costs $20.97/month.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article is all about the list of best Grammarly alternatives. The above-mentioned list of tools is used in the written content to correct the grammar mistakes and that is done by using some AI writing assistant. Check all the above tools and select your best one as a Grammarly alternative tool to use.