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10 Best Gmail Alternatives to use in 2021;

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Gmail is the biggest and top-class email service that was provided by Google. Gmail has provided many services and a huge amount of features for its users. But when considering privacy, Gmail has lagged at some end. Other than Gmail, there are many email services are available which may provide some best security and privacy concerning services.

Gmail has lots of features like providing free storage up to 15 GB, then it automatically blocks phishing attacks, etc. Apart from Gmail, there are many best email services are there, for your better convenience, in this article, I’ve curated a list of 10 Best Gmail alternatives that you can use instead of Gmail. Now, let’s dive into the article to find out the best Gmail alternatives.

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Best Gmail Alternatives to Use:

1. Outlook:

Outlook is very much similar to Gmail, how Google provides Gmail, likewise, Microsoft provides its Outlook. If you have already used Microsoft office, then you will be known of Outlook. Outlook is the Email service web application from Microsoft that holds up calendaring, tasks services, etc. Microsoft’s outlook is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

This email service provides some cool features like the in-build calendar to schedule meetings and tasks, good for multiple app integrations, good security, etc. Additionally, Outlook provides 15GB of free storage. At last, this email service has some of the premium packs, they are $6.99 per month and $69.99 per year for 50GB of storage. With these kinda features, Outlook is one of the best Gmail alternatives that you must try.

2. Zoho Mail:

Here’s another best alternative for Gmail is Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail provides the best features for the free version itself. Like other email services, Zoho mail is somewhat unique with its features. For the free users, Zoho mail provides a more secured connection, ad-free email services, 5GB of free storage, etc. If you are dealing with business emails, then you can trust the Zoho mail, because, the Zoho mail ensures security and privacy concerning services.

To experience an advanced version of Zoho mail, then check out the Mail premium and Zoho’s Mail Lite. This application is available for Android. iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.

3. GMX Mail:

If you want to use a free and secured email service, then GMX Mail would be another option including Outlook and Zoho Mail. GMX Mail is a free email service provided by the GMX company. If you start using this GMX Mail, then you’ll wonder a quick fast communication between the sender and receiver. To ensure privacy and security, GMX provides two-factor authentication for its users.

The users can use up to 65GB of storage for Email purposes. With including all these features, GMX Mail stands as the best email servicing tool. You can use this GMX Mail on Android, Web, Windows, Mac, etc.

4. ProtonMail:

After all the above-mentioned Gmail alternatives, here’s another exciting email service named ProtonMail. ProtonMail provides an end-to-end encryption service with plenty of features for its users. It is a quick access webmail service that protects the user’s message with zero access end-to-end encryption. So that, the protection is keenly observed and provided. This email service is free to use and it is an open-source webmail service.

In the free version, the user can send up to 150 messages per day with the storage of 500.00 MB. Also, if you are not satisfied with the free pack, you can upgrade your proton mail account to premium packs like Plus (€ 5.00 per month and  48.00 per year), Professional (€ 8.00 per month per user and  75.00 per year per user), Visionary (€ 30.00 per month and  288.00 per year). Finally, ProtonMail is available for Android, iOS, Web, etc.

5. StartMail:

StartMail is a user-friendly, end-to-end encrypted email service with amazing security options. If you are a business person and finding for an excellent email service with more security, then you need to try this StartMail. Here on StartMail, every account has separate protection called OpenPGP. This protects the email because only after entering the password, the emails can be opened. For this higher security, the StartMail is more widely used.

The webmail service contains a free pack, but also there is a premium pack is available. The premium pack is $ 29.99 per year. And that’s it, if you want to use an end-to-end encrypted email service, then try out this StartMail right now.

6. Yahoo Mail:

Here’s another amazing email service named Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail is an email service that has similar features when compared to Gmail. This email service is professional, easy to handle and access, and easy to customize folders. If you need to use this email service, all you need is a perfect browser because Yahoo mail is a webmail service. Other than this, you can use this Yahoo mail on platforms like Android, iOS, etc. In the application, you can have storage up to 1000 GB

so that you can store more emails.

Yahoo mail has the free pack, but if you want to access an advanced level, then you can upgrade your account to premium packs like ad-free mail, and a pro pack. And that’s it, you can download this Yahoo mail on your mobile devices like Android and iOS other than the web service.

7. Mailfence:

Apart from ProtonMail, Startmail, Zoho Mail, here comes another email service which provides end-to-end encryption and it is Mailfence. Yes, Mailfence is the best-encrypted email service to use in recent times. This email service provides the OpenPGP-based end-to-end encryption so that the mail is opened only after entering the perfect password. It also provides digital signatures feature for its users. Here on this email service,t the users can send a secure and private email to other all around the world.

The main feature that I like more in this service is the Mailfence avoids ads, spam, trackers, so that all mails are more protected. The main reason to use Mailfence is that it is easy to use, more secure, private, etc. You can use Mailfence for free with the features like the user can send up to 500 MB emails and 500 MB documents. You can also upgrade your account to premium packs like Entry (2,50 € per month), Pro (7,50 € per month), and Ultra (25,00 € per month).

8. Posteo:

Another best email service is Posteo. Posteo is an email service provider that gives more secure and ad-free service to its users. This email service is based in Berlin. For greater experience, posteo is highly concerned and focuses on privacy and security. The posteo not only provides the email accounts to its users, but also they are providing address books and calendars.

Posteo executes AES protection for higher security, so this email service is safe to use. Some of the best features of posteo are unlimited filter addresses, spam and virus filter, drag and drop, fast search features, etc. Finally, posteo is available in over 60 languages

and is more widely used all around the world.

9. Tutanota:

Tutanota is a freemium and end-to-end encrypted email service which is based in Germany. Apart from other email services, Tutanota has its motto as “Einfach.Sicher.Mailen” in German language, meaning in English as “”. With their motto itself, we can understand that Tutanota is the best spot where the user can gain the best email service with easy, and secured mailing.

Since Tutanota is an open-source email service, so the user can use this email service on their Android, iOS, or Desktop, etc. This email service is freemium, the free pack contains 1 GB of free storage, and allows Tutanota domains only. If you aren’t satisfied with the free pack, then you can get the premium pack for €1 per month, and the Teams pack for €4 per month.


The last email service that suits as the best alternative for Gmail is “” is a web-based and free email service that was launched way back in 1995. This email service is free to use with 65 GB of storage for emails with spam protection. One of the key features of is the emails are powerfully protected, then the user can send multiple attachments in the mails, this email service is available for all Android devices.

And also, the user can access any kind of files from the cloud online at any time. deactivates or closes the accounts that were inactive for over 6 months, so the information is more secured. And that’s it, if you want to use an email service with speed access, protection, and power, then this would be a better option.


This article provides some of the Best Gmail alternatives to use. Gmail is the biggest email service with a variety of features. To replace Gmail is somewhat difficult. But apart from Gmail, there are many kinds of email services are available with more security and protection. Those email services are mentioned in this article. Follow the above content and try your favorite one. In the end, if you have any queries post them in the comment section.