May 27, 2024


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5 Best Feedly Alternatives you need to Use;

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If you are a passionate news reader or blog reader, then you might already have heard about Feedly. If not yet, then you’ll get to know about Feedly and its best alternatives. Feedly is one of the famous newsreader or RSS reader applications that are available for various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. The Special feature of these reader applications is that the user can bookmark or save their favorite websites, blogs or articles, etc.

Most of us may know about the RSS reader application named Feedly. Even though Feedly is a famous RSS reader, it doesn’t satisfy all the conditions for the users. If you don’t like the Feedly features or its paid version, then there are lots of applications like Feedly are available. There are many RSS reader applications are available. From that huge amount of applications, here are some of the best RSS readers as well as Feedly alternatives. Let’s dive into the article to find out the best Feedly alternatives.

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5 Best Feedly Alternatives:

1. NewsBlur:

The first RSS Reader that opens up the list is named as NewsBlur. NewsBlur is an online as well as offline RSS newsreader source. If you are a passionate reader of online blogs and news articles, then this Newsblur will be an effective choice. While considering and comparing with Feedly, NewsBlur provides the same feature to read online articles and blogs.

NewsBlur is available for the platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Also, this RSS reader provides premium packs apart from the free pack. In the free pack, the user can read up to 5 stories or magazines at a time, but on the premium pack, the user can read all stories or news at a time. Likewise, the premium pack differs. Check out the below link to visit the NewsBlur RSS reader.

2. Inoreader:

Inoreader is a famous RSS feed reader that provides lots of features like Feedly. This RSS feed reader is a cloud-based service that is available for various platforms like Web, Android, iOS, etc. Like Feedly, the users can bookmark their favorite blogs or feeds and they can read those feeds whenever they want. Most of the users say that this Inoreader RSS feed reader is fast and easy to access.

Some of the highlighting feature provided by this app is “Day and Night reading modes”, etc. Inoreader attracts many users by providing some extra options with their premium packs. Some of the packs are SUPPORTER ($1.67/month), PRO ($3.79/month). Click the below link to visit the Inoreader.

3. Feeder:

Here’s another RSS reader named Feeder. By using Feeder, the users can read the RSS feeds or blog articles by bookmarking their favorite Websites. The users can be able to read the newly posted articles as well as the unread articles. The feeder is a cross-platform source, which means that

The feeder is available for various platforms like Web, Android, iOS, etc. Also by using a feeder, the user can read a bundle or package of articles or RSS feed wherever and whenever they want. When compared to Feedly, Feeder holds similar features but does not totally cover Feedly. At last, Feeder is a fast and easy-to-use RSS Feed reader source. Click the below link to visit Feeder.

4. The Old Reader:

The Old Reader is a famous RSS feed reader that can replace the Feedly with its highlighting features. Like Feedly, the users can bookmark or add their favorite blogs, websites, feeds to this Old reader. After that, they can read at any time. The highlighting feature in the old reader provides a “Like” button, and by clicking this button, the user can find some similar feeds or blogs.

Including this, the old reader allows their users to organize their interests. Also, the users can share the feeds which they liked the most with their friends and family members. The Old Reader provides a free pack and the paid pack that start from $3 per month. Click the below link to visit The Old Reader.


5. GReader:

Here’s the final Feedly alternative named GReader. GReader is an RSS Feed reader with simple, fast, and easy to access features. This source is the place where the user can read the RSS feeds of Feedly and the Old Reader whenever they want. GReader allows its users to read all the feed in one place by providing some exciting themes, offline reading options, voice reading, widgets, etc. By providing this kind of feature, GReader stands as a good and great RSS reader. This source is available for platforms like the Web and only for Android. Click the below link to visit the GReader.


Here’s the end part of the article. If you are a passionate reader of blogs or feeds and already a user of Feedly, then this article is for you. This article contains a pack of 5 best Feedly alternative RSS reader sources. All the sources were mentioned here based on my interest, and check all the sources and select your best Feedly alternative RSS reader. The above-mentioned RSS reader sources hold a unique feature with some premium packs, and the links for the RSS reader apps were also provided. Click and visit those applications.