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5 Awesome Apps for Photo Resizing in Android

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Nowadays, there are so many apps were developed for many purposes for the Android operation system. If someone captures a picture and it is in imperfect shape, then the picture needs to be resized. For this kind of purpose, photo resizer apps were developed. And if you upload photos on social media regularly, then this photo resize apps would be a necessary tool. For your convenience, I’ve searched and founded some of the best apps for photo resizing for your Android device. A normal photo resizer app contains a photo resizing option, a quality adjustment option, and many more. Let’s wrap the article for the 5 Best Apps for Photo Resizer in 2021.

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In recent days, the production count of smartphones was increased a lot. All the brand new smartphones were arriving with many high-quality pixels. To reduce those pixels, these photo resizers will fill all those problems. The users can resize their photos on the online website itself, but resizing in apps would be very handy to use. Also, resizing or adjusting photos in apps can be done multiple times, but on the online website, the users need to search every time to resize the picture. Here are some best apps for photo resize.

5 Best Photo Resize apps for Android in 2021:

1. Photo Compress and Resize:

The first app that cracks the list is Photo Compress and Resize. The app provides many features for photo resizing and conveniently optimizing photos. Here, the users can compress multiple pictures at the same time and it provides a much flexible reduction option. While discussing the features, here the app covers some key features like Batch Compress, Multiple select resize, flat design, and after resizing the picture, the users can share their pictures via social networks. These are some key features involved in the “Photo Compress and Resize” app. Finally, the app is free to use and easy to handle because this app is mainly made to enhance the UI (User Interface).

2. Reduce Photo Size:

The next app that comes right after the “Photo Compress and Resize” app is Reduce Photo Size. This is another kind of app that produces some admiring Photo resizing options for their users. If you want to use multiple apps for photo resizing, then most probably you can use this app. Here, the users will get benefit resizing and cropping options. Mainly, this app is easy to use with quite only a few options. By having fewer features, the app is very easy to handle. Check out the first mentioned app and if you’re not satisfied with that, then check out all the further mentioning apps for photo resizing.

3. Photo Resizer:

Photo Resizer, in the name itself, you can find out the app’s purpose. Yes, this app is another best choice for resizing and clearly adjusting your pictures. The app is customized to provide some best features like Cropping and Resizing. In addition to this, after the completion of adjustment, the photos can be shared in Batch. The main feature of this app is, here the original image is not affected when you compress the image. Also, the users can check the original picture and modified picture side by side. These are some main features of this app, and if you want more, then download and explore them completely. A good choice of app that contains lots of key features for photo resize.

4. Image Size:

Another better app for Photo resize is Image Size. After comparing all the features of other apps, this app also holds great features to use. Also, when compared to all other photo resize apps, this one contains too many options to use. Although containing many options and features, yet it is easy to use and handle. There will be only four options for photo resizing, it will be a simple UI. The main key feature of the app is, once you complete the editing process, you can save, emailing and also you can print those pictures. Finally, a good app for photo resizing with lots of amazing features packed inside.


5. pCrop:

Finally, we’ve reached the last best app on this list. pCrop, in the name itself you can guess this app, is famous for Cropping the images. If you’re thinking in this way, then you’re wrong. This app is famous for multi-purpose like Cropping, resizing, and merely compressing images. In each variant, the app provides its key features. For example, if you want to crop the picture, then the app provides you the freestyle of cropping the image. While if you want to resize the image, then you can resize the pictures, and also you can save them in different formats like JPG, PNG, WEBP, etc. Finally, a good app for photo resizing on Android devices.


The final words before the completion of the article. This article is all about the topic “5 Awesome Apps for Photo Resizing in Android” and here I’ve sorted out and curated the list. Just check all the features of the app and choose the right ones which suit your device. All the apps that were mentioned here are only for Android devices. In the future, we can expect for iOS users. Yup, if you’re a passionate reader of articles, then check out the Did you know table.