June 20, 2024


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6 Amazing Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS

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Books are the basic thing that every human in this world had explored. But very few will be passionate readers. In that, some may not have enough time to read books in this quick world. To solve this kind of problem, Audiobooks have been introduced. In Audiobooks, the story of the books was made into sounds and they were recorded. This will save much time and every people can listen to this anytime, anywhere. Whoever loves to read books can have this audiobook as an alternative to their reading if they don’t have enough time to read. And nowadays, there are so many books were available, from that, I’ve curated the 6 Best and Amazing Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS devices. Let’s break the article for the list of audiobooks.

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Usually, if you buy any book, by the time the Compact Disc(CD) will be attached to that book. And if you want to listen to the book, then you need to hear the story through the CD. But providing an impressive alternative to this, the Audiobook has been developed. All you need is to install the apps from Google Playstore or the apps store. Here I’m going to give to some best apps for audiobooks, it can be either free or paid. But most probably, these apps would definitely be worth your time. Here is the curated list of Audiobook apps.

6 Amazing Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS:

1. Storytel:

If you’re a passionate reader of books and finding for an audiobook, then Storytel would also be a good choice. Here, the app lets you listen to the story, and also at the same time you can turn the listening mode into reading mode. This app provides the feature that the user can adjust the listening speed by themselves and with this, they can share their own book recommendations with their friends. At first, you can access the app only for 14 days trial pack and after that, you need to get a subscription to the app. There are more than a thousand stories are available. Last but not least, a good app for audiobooks.

2. Kobo Books:

Like the previous app, Kobo books also a great audiobook choice. Here, the app provides users to choose their loved one of the world’s best ebooks. With a single click or tap, you can quickly turn over a listening mode to reading mode or vice-versa. Also with these features, the users can sort the books according to the authors or series. This app is considered the choice for the Amazon Kindle and Google Playbooks because the app has both reading and listening features. The Kobo books can be accessed for free and the price of the books can vary based on their value.

3. LibriVox Audio Books:

If you want the free versions of Audiobooks, then LibriVox Audio Books would be a better choice for you. The app contains audiobooks over 24,000 and if you’re an American, you can have an addition of 75,000 paid audiobooks. Here, the app controls you with the sleep timer, so you’ll be protected from your distraction to sleep. Also, the users can connect these audiobooks with the Bluetooth speaker or other speakers. The free version contains a few ads, and by subscription, the ads will be disabled. The premium version starts at $1.99.


4. Audible:

The largest collection of Audiobooks with lots of different genres and authors in one place, and the app named Audible. Audible provides lots of Audiobooks for free and premium versions. The app is ad-free and in the premium pack, you can get the audiobooks either one by one or by paying the monthly subscription of $14.95. This app is easy to use and the updates are arriving regularly, so bugs are cleared often. At the start of the usage, you’ll get the trial pack of 30 days, but after that, you’ll need to pay for the premium version. Then only you can be able to download the audiobooks furtherly.

5. Google Playbooks:

Like Audible, in Google Playbooks, you can see the largest collection of best audiobooks for the freemium version. The Google playbooks were the same as the downloading applications and games on the Google play store. Here also you can download the e-books for free, but when it comes to the audiobooks, you’ll need to pay some based on the books. Other than that, Google playbook is a free version of the audiobooks app. The major advantage is the app lets you hear the sample of the audiobooks for the first 21 minutes. Totally, a fine platform to listen to audiobooks.


6. Amazon Kindle:

The final name of the list is Amazon’s Kindle. Unlike other applications, Kindle contains many e-books with regularly updating books. The main advantage of the app is, here the passionate reader can buy a book, and with that, they can add the audiobook if they’re interested. This one is like of add-on to the same book. Also, the users can be able to share their libraries with their family members. Finally, a huge collection of e-books and audiobooks with lots of features. The app is free to use in the trial pack and if you want to extend your trial pack, you’ll need to add the subscription by paying $9.99 per month.


The final words before the completion of the article. This article is all about the topic of “6 Amazing Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS“. Here, I’ve provided the best ones and all are ranked based on my thoughts and not by seeing the reviews or downloads. All are the best ones to use. Here, the apps are in both free and premium versions. At the starting, you’ll get the trial pack, after that, you need to pay the subscription. Nevertheless, the best platform to listen to audiobooks anywhere and anytime within your smartphone itself.