June 20, 2024


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How to Delete Keyboard History on Android Device?

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In recent times, the technology has been well developed and stands at the top. In the olden days, we all used to remember the words that we learn, and now in this era, our well-developed handy keyboard stores informative words. Gboard or other keyboards store the words in form of dictionary words and that helps us in the process of Auto-correction. But this feature often provides lots of stored words in terms of auto-correction for the user. So, you need to retype a specific word two or three times consequently. To avoid this problem, you’ll need to clear or delete the keyboard history on your device or updating your keyboard dictionary constantly. Let’s get into the article to find the process of deleting the history of the Keyboard on Android devices.

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Delete the history of Gboard on Android Devices;

The Gboard or other keyboards on Android devices stores the exact and most accurate words perfectly. This makes the user correct themselves about the spell of the specific word. By using this Gboard, we can learn lots of new words just by doing mistakes too. Yes, only in this kind of application, we’ll learn new words even if we do some mistakes in searching.

The words with the category of name, place, passwords are often stored to auto-correct the user’s mistake. When this auto-correction happens often, then this will be a disadvantage of this feature. Because this makes the user retype the words again and again. This occurs when the user types the irrelevant new word or unrecognizable words. Below are the procedures mentioned for clearing the history of the Google keyboard on Android devices.


1. At first, open your phone’s settings that looks like a metal gear symbol. In that, search for the name “keyboards

“. Only on the phone’s settings, this process can be done.

2. After searching for keyboards, there will be an option named “Manage Keyboards“, click that option. In this manage keyboards option, there will be Gboard available on the top. Click the Gboard settings and enter into it.


3. Once you opened the settings of Gboard, click the option named “Advanced“. This specific option will differ in other devices, and in some devices, check the other option named dictionary. Only after entering this specific option, you’ll be able to delete the history of the Gboard.

4. In this Advanced option, there will be a button will be visible at the bottom to clear the history of the Gboard keyboard. To clear the history, click the option named “Delete learned words and data” and enter the code of the four-digit number to clear the history.

5. And finally, after entering the code, the history of stored and learned words from your keyboard will be deleted permanently. The option which you’ve clicked to clear the history of the keyboard appears as “cleared history” after entering the code.

NOTE: The settings will differ based on the companies and in this article, I’ve used the smartphone named REDMI. Mostly, there will be the same procedure for all kinds of smartphones.


This article is all about “How to clear the history of keyboards on Android devices“. There will be simple steps to delete the history on the keyboard. You just need to follow the steps that were provided above and it will be easy to do. Few settings will differ based on their companies of a smart phone. And that’s it, the article gets over.