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Create your own QR-Code in just 5 Minutes;

creation of qr code
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Do you know how to create a QR-Code? If no, then you’ve reached the right destination for your query. Before mentioning the process for creating a QR-Code, let me explain about the QR-Code. The QR-Code is abbreviated as Quick Response Code and this code stores certain data in a lines and dots designed manner. The stored data will be like location, names, website link, PDF, etc. When you scan this code with the help of a scanner, you’ll get the encrypted data. For this quick response to a task, this QR code is used most vitally in most of the places. For example, you can take online payment, sharing locations, etc. And now in the upcoming passages, I’m gonna deliver the process for the creation of a new QR-Code and how to store data on it.

Did you know?

Google Chrome allows you to Share QR-Code on Android and Desktop

Most of you may be seen the black and white QR-Code and if you’ve seen the colored QR-Codes, then it’s nice. Creating QR-Code is not a hard task and storing data on it also can be done in just 5 minutes. There are so many ways are there for creating QR-Codes. In searching for the best ways, here in this article, I’ve found two good websites for creating QR-Codes. Those two websites providing you the features of storing PDF files, website links, youtube links, email address, etc. On these two websites, you’ll get free as well as paid premium packs for few days.

1. QR Stuff:

The website named QR Stuff provides the way for creating a QR-Code with the feature of storing information. On this website, the users can be able to create their own QR-Code for free, and also you can add data like website links, Youtube links, Image files, and PDF files, etc. Likewise, this website holds up more other features for just creating a new QR-Code. Once you’ve chosen the type of QR-Code, then the sited asks you to give certain information for that data. There will be three short procedures are there for creating a new QR-Code. The last step will be selecting the style of the QR-Code and you can make your own style for encoding information. Below are the procedures mentioned for creating a new QR-Code.

1. At first, open your browser and search for qrstuff on the Internet. This webpage will be available right on the top. Click the link and enter into that website.


2. After entering on to the website, choose your data type for the creation of the QR-Code and enter the details of it in the next option. There will be a check box for filling in the information.

3. The final step will be choosing the right style for your QR-Code. Yes, in the final procedure, you need to fix the style. There will be many designs available for creating your code. In this option, you can fix the size, file type, error correction, and if you want a logo, it can be also added.

4. At the end after completing all the steps, you can download your new QR-Code instantly. And that’s it for QR Stuff website.

2. Unitag QR:

Yet another website for creating QR-Codes. This website is named Unitag QR and the website will differ from the QR stuff website. Here on this website, you can be able to create your favorite QR-Code with the colored options too. By comparing with the QR stuff, this website also provides lots of features and also holds lots of stuff inside. This webpage allows you to download the created QR Code in both free as well as paid premium versions. Below are the procedure for creating a new QR-Code.


1. At first, open your browser and search for Unitag. This webpage will be available at the top. Click and enter into the website.

2. After entering on to the website, choose the data type and enter the specific details for it. For example, you can enter the website link, and other types like business cards, mail, etc.

3. At the final step, you can do a style of your QR-Code just by adding the colors, logo, templates, etc. And at the end, you can download the created QR-Code on that website.


The article has reached its endpoint. Let me make a quick overview of the post. This article is all about “How to create a QR-Code“.In this article, I’ve delivered two websites that were used to create a new QR-Code just for sharing information in an encoding manner. Both the websites are unique for creating QR-Codes. Also, there are so many different features available on this website. Just follow the procedures and you can create them in just 5 minutes.