June 20, 2024


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Enable Scrollable TabStrip on Chrome in 5 minutes;

Enable the scrollable tabstrip on chrome-foftact
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Google Chrome becomes a modernized app in recent days. That’s because the company favors the user’s needs in a better way. And now, yup the chrome has released a cool feature named “Scrollable TabStrip“. In this article, I’m gonna elaborate on this awesome feature and I’ll mention the enabling process. This feature has already got placed in famous browsers like Safari, and firefox. Finally, Chrome also just updated this cool kinda feature. The newly updated feature is available for all chrome users and also those who’ve recently updated their browser. The main thing is, you can itself can enable this feature just by following a few procedures. Let crack the article for viewing the cool feature of Chrome.


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Usually, Chrome has the tedious feature of making the tab’s size smaller and smaller when the count of tabs increased in a single window. This one kind of minimizing the tab will confuse the users to understand the tab title that was opened. To overcome this drawback, now chrome has finally updated a solution for this problem. The “Scrolling TabStrip” option will definitely help the users to find and identify the tab name easily. This handy feature can be enabled by yourself within 5 minutes. The process will be very simple. For this, you’ll need to get into the flags of chrome and there you can find more kinds of features that were enabled or disabled or in default. Below are the procedures for enabling this new feature.

Procedure to enable Scrollable TabStrip:

1. At first, open your chrome browser, and before that, verify your browser if it is updated to a new version or not. If not, just update your browser and follow the further process. Once you’ve opened your chrome browser, search for the following link “chrome://flags


2. Up next, after entering into the chrome flags webpage, search for “Scrollable TabStrip” in the search bar that will be located at the top of the page itself. By searching with this name, you’ll get this feature set.

3. Once you’ve received the new feature, you need to select the enable option in the settings. When nothing is done, the option will be in default, you need to select the enable option. By enabling this option, you’ll need to relaunch your Chrome browser to access the feature further.

4. Below there will be another option, and that will be “Scrolling TabStrip Buttons“. This one activates and gives you a button that will be like an angle bracket (<>). By using this feature, you can move your tabs in both forward and backward directions. You can enable this feature just like the previous process of selecting enable the option.

5. Finally, when you relaunched your browser, you can move the tabs by using your mouse or trackpad. And that’s it, this is the short process for enabling this cool feature of chrome.


This article is all about the topic of “How to Enable Scrollable TabStrip on Chrome”. The process will lead up to 5 minutes and this one is available only for the users who’ve updated their browser in recent. The main advantage of this feature is that the user can read the title name of each tab that has been opened in a single window. Mainly, this feature works currently for only Windows and Mac users.

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