July 16, 2024


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How to Find the Current Follow Requests on Instagram?

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Instagram, the famous social network in which the users share their photos and videos in the name of the post. With recent updates, at present, Instagram holds lots of new features like Reels, Guides, Feeds, IGTV’s, etc. And on Instagram, we all have the “followers” as well as the “following” options. In this option, have you ever thought of one question, that is how many follow requests have you given to the people, Or do you know how many current follow requests do you given on your Instagram account? If you don’t know how to find the current follow request list on Instagram, then here you can grab the way of finding it out. Let’s get into the article for finding out them.

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How to find the current follow requests on Instagram?

Let me start up with the question. Do you know how many follow requests that you’re given to others till now on Instagram? If yes, it’s nice and if you don’t know how to find the list of following requests, here you can get it. Yes, here in this article, I’m going to deliver the process of finding the following requests that you’ve given to your friends or other users. In an addition to this, you can also find the usernames of the pending follow request.

Many of you may be using Instagram for a long time period. In that period, you had given some follow requests to some people and that list will be harder to found. To make them easier, Instagram itself shows up you the list of current follows requests data. And in this article, I’m walking you through the steps to find the current follow request data on Instagram with some simple procedures. Let’s get into the steps to make them clear.



1. First of all, open your Instagram account just by entering your username and passwords on the login page.

2. After entering into your account, click three horizontal lines and again click the settings options that look like a metal gear symbol. On settings, click another option named security in which we’re gonna find the request information.

3. Once you’ve clicked the security option, you’ll get certain options with a heading of login information, data and history. If you see below on data and history option, there’ll be a option named “Access Data“, click that option.

4. In the option of access data only we are gonna get the data of current requests. Yes, after getting into the access data option, scroll down to see the option named “Current Follow Request

“. Click the button mentioned as “View all” under this option.

5. And finally after clicking the “current follow request” option, you’ll get the list of usernames that you’ve given the follow requests to other people on Instagram. For example, watch out for the image that I’ve posted above.


This article all about Instagram and the topic is “How to find the current follow requests on Instagram”. The procedures to find the current follow requests have been mentioned with some simple steps. In these settings, there are also many features available like finding out old usernames that we’ve kept from the beginning of the usage, their login activities, and much more available. With these, the article gets enclosed.