June 20, 2024


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Solve MIUI 12 Bug that Disappears Icons from Home Screen;

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Every day the technology has been developing wisely. Whenever a new feature arises in any model, then automatically a frustrating problem named bug will arrive. Yes, most often the bug will occur whenever a new update appears. In recent times, Xiaomi has faced more bugs on their latest version of the MIUI 12 Global version. And now, the bug has occurred on MI 10 devices. The issue is the customized icons are disappearing from Home Screen after the reboot process. Still, there’s not a perfect solution to fix this bug on MI 10 devices. But, after searching a lot, I’ve found two(2) best solutions to fix this bug. Let’s broaden up the article for the following solutions to the bug.

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How to fix the bug of Icons disappearing from Home Screen on MI 10 Devices?

Before knowing the procedures to solve this bug, let’s know how this bug occurs. This bug may occur when a new update doesn’t suit your device or isn’t capable of your device. So, this kind of bug may arise. To solve this bug, it’s a quite simple technique. Most probably you must follow the official solution, if it doesn’t come till now, here’s what I’ve provided a temporary solution to solve that bug. These solutions will work for some time or couldn’t guess that may also work completely. Here’s the solution to fix the icons disappearing after the reboot process on MI 10 devices.

1. Change the Home Screen Settings:

The first method of the process is done on Home Screen because this bug occurs on the Home Screen. So, if we change the Home Screen setting, then it could be possible to solve the bug. Recently, the update was also related to the Home Screen enhancement. Usually, the newly installed apps will be placed on the home screen, in this bug, those icons will disappear when the reboot process is finished. Below are methods to be followed to use this method.


1. At first, open the settings in your MI 10 devices that look like the metal gear symbol.

2. Up next, on settings, search for the name “Home Screen“. In that only we’re gonna change the setting. After clicking the home screen setting, once again click the option named as seen before “Home screen” on the same setting.

3. After clicking the option named the home screen, you’ll get into another setting option. There you can find the two animated options named “Classic” and “With App drawer“. In these two options, change the setting to Classic if it is in “With App drawer”. This method may solve the customized icons disappearing from the home screen.

4. And that’s it, this is the first method to solve this bug temporarily. If this method doesn’t work, then focus on the second method or else wait for the official announcement from the company.

2. Uninstall the Recently Downloaded App:


In addition to the previous method, this one may or may not work as a temporary solution to this bug. Uninstall the recently downloaded app from your device, because it may change your device’s setting or normal flow of execution. If the first method doesn’t work, then try this one. If both of the methods don’t work, then you must wait for the official announcement from the company.


This article all about the topic of “How to fix the bug of icons disappearing from the home screen on MI 10 devices“. In this blog post, I’ve delivered two temporary solutions for this bug. It may or may not work completely. If these two don’t work, then wait for the company’s solution. Also, this bug occurred on MIUI 12 global version. And that’s it, the solutions were mentioned above in the passage, just follow and comment if the solution worked or not.