July 16, 2024


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How to get more followers on Instagram?

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Instagram is the social-networking application owned by Facebook. In today’s world, most people love to use this platform to share their feelings with their friends and family members. At present, Instagram has more than one billion users. In this social network, many people were famous like big stars, etc. Like that, if you want to grow your account and your personality, then all you need is to improve your followers. Here in this article, I’ll give you some tactics to improve your followers on Instagram. I’ve mentioned two ways (i.e., 6 legal ways and another way are by using third-party apps) to increase your followers on Instagram.

How to increase followers on Instagram

Many Instagram users will search for “how to increase followers on Instagram” and increasing the numbers is not a tough task. You can easily increase it by following a few instructions and steps which I’ve mentioned below. Let’s now get into the article.

6 Best ways to increase your followers on Instagram

1. Learn about Hashtags and use them properly

This is the first technique and the best one too. Because tagging hashtags on your posts will definitely make you popular. For that, you just need to study and choose the right ones. On Instagram, you can tag up to 30 hashtags and Track Maven said 9 hashtags is enough to tag in a particular post. So choosing the right tag will make you popular and you can increase your followers.

2. Post Consequently

On Instagram, 80% of people are using their accounts for business purposes. But the other 20% of people are using for relaxation by watching videos, posts, and liking them. And that’s why I’m suggesting this way to increase your followers. If you post the posts consequently, then you’ll get some followers. The statistics say, more you post more you’ll get followers and likes.


3. Collaborate with others

Collaborating with others is not only texting with someone else. Other than this, making partnerships and marketing with some experienced people is also collaborating. If you have enough money, then you can try this way to increase your followers. Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington is a great example because this account grew up their followers from 85K to 4.9M followers by marketing with Instagram’s influencers. They will share and advertise your account so that you can increase your followers on Instagram.

4. Cross-post

The cross-post is nothing but posting a post on Instagram and sharing them via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. And many studies said that sharing the Instagram posts to other social media will increase your account visits and your posts. By sharing like this, many of your friends could know you’re on Instagram, so that, they can like and follow your account. So you can increase your followers by following this way,


5. Post at your best times

If you’re posting a post on Instagram, then the posting time will be also matters. The time is that you need to choose and that should be based on your choice. There is no specific time for posting a post on Instagram. You just need to fix a specific time for yourself to post. This is also one of the major things to increase your account stats. There’s an Instagram tool for this timing and the tool named Iconosquare. And this app is available for both Android and iOS.

6. Attract the people

Attracting the people can be done by replying and liking their comments on our posts and posting some good comments on their posts too. And do this regularly, at some point, they will follow you. Also, you can earn some fans and they can automatically follow you.

By using a third-party app

Want to get more followers and likes? If yes, then there are many ways that are available to achieve it. The legal way is what I mentioned above. Here, I’m going to tell you a third-party app and by using that app, you can be able to increase your followers and likes counting within minutes. The process is very simple and easy. The steps are mentioned below.

1. First, install the app named GetInsta by searching on Google or follow this link.

2. After downloading the app, open it. The procedure is very simple. Enter your details and enter your Instagram username and password. After that, like some posts and follow some people to earn a few coins. By using coins, you can be able to increase your followers and likes count.

3. There are different kinds of offers that are available here. For example, if you follow a person, you’ll get 100 coins and for likes, you’ll get 20 coins. By collecting coins, you can increase your followers and likes count. There are certain offers like, by spending 1600 coins you’ll get 10 followers and 10 likes. For bulk registration, you need to buy coins with your money.

4. And that’s it, by following those steps, you can be able to get more followers and likes on Instagram with ease. But I suggest everyone follow a legal way(i.e.,6 steps which I’ve mentioned above). And please avoid these kinds of third-party apps, because they were not much secure.


I’m ending this article by telling the summary in short. This article is all about “How to get more followers on Instagram” and I’ve mentioned a legal way and another is by using a third-party app. I suggest the users follow the legal(i.e., follow 6 steps which I’ve mentioned). If you want to take the risk, then it’s your choice. With this, I’m concluding this article.