May 27, 2024


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Make Reappear the New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp ;

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Facebook’s WhatsApp is the best messaging platform that has millions and millions of users. Recently, the company has released its new terms and condition for the users. Many people have agreed and some other people have clicked the other option called “Not Now”. Let me explain clearly about this new privacy policy of WhatsApp The new privacy policy makes the process of data collection on their servers with an encrypted form. Then they also store other data like media too. These new terms and condition had been started arriving since this week and if you don’t receive till date, then you’ll receive it soon.

The company orders every user to accept or agree to their terms and conditions and also they’ve given the deadline too. Within February 8, all the users must agree to their terms and conditions if they want to use WhatsApp further. If you don’t want to use WhatsApp further in the future, then you can click the option “Not Now”. But if you want to use it further and you mistakenly selected the “Not Now” option, then no need to get worried. Because you can make them reappear on your WhatsApp account. And now in this article, I’m gonna deliver you how to make reappear the privacy policy of WhatsApp. Let’s crack the article and may enter into it.

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How to get the new privacy policy of WhatsApp once again?

As I discussed in the previous passage, if you’ve selected the option “agree”, then you can be able to use WhatsApp further in the future after February 08. But if you’ve selected the option “Not Now”. then you’ll be forced to select the agree to option and if you refuse, then you won’t be able to access your WhatsApp account again. Now, let’s talk about the method of making reappear of the privacy policy of WhatsApp. Make sure that the privacy policy appears again only if you’ve chosen the “Not Now” option.

Get by using Dual App:

The method for getting the privacy policy of WhatsApp once again will be done by creating a dual app or a clone app for WhatsApp. By making a clone app or creating a dual app for WhatsApp, you’ll get the privacy policy of WhatsApp once again. After making this cloning, there will be a small process to get the privacy policy again. That will be very simple and easy to get. All you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.


1. First of all, open your settings or make your WhatsApp as dual or clone app.

2. Now right after creating the dual app for WhatsApp, open the cloned WhatsApp. After opening the cloned WhatsApp, enter the required details in the boxes of an already existing account.

3. Once you’ve finished giving all of your account details including OTP, then your account will be opened and will also ask for a backup process.

4. When your account got opened on the cloned app, close it immediately from the recent apps. After closing the app, open once again, then instantly the message will be popping up. Yes, the new privacy policy of WhatsApp will be appearing right on the front.


5. There when it appears again, you can select either the agree to option or not now option, and it’s all your choice.

NOTE: This will be worked and will be appeared once again if you had selected the “Not Now” option.


The article get’s enclosed with a summary. This article is all about the topic of “How to get the new privacy policy of WhatsApp once again“. This process can be also done if you delete your WhatsApp application. But here I’ve mentioned using the dual app. Both the ways will be similar and an easy one too. You’ll get an instant pop up message while after doing this process. In that pop-up message, you can give either the agree option or not now an option that is based on you. Hope the article will be useful, and the article gets over.