June 20, 2024


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How to Hide Apps on iOS devices

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Apps are the basic things that every smartphone has. Usually, in iOS, the installed app’s icon will be shown on the page directly. Those apps will be appearing like a queued package. For clearing all these problems, you can hide the apps in your device. There are lots of reasons behind hiding the apps. But the common reason will be exactly for privacy. You can hide apps in Android devices by using some third-party apps. But in iOS, hiding apps will be a pretty tough task. I’ve searched and picked up a great way to hide the apps in iOS. Those procedures are clearly mentioned in this article and you can view them by scrolling down.

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Are you learning new things by using apps? If yes, then by the time you’ll find to keep them secret. When you want to keep them as secret, then you can hide the apps in your device. Most of the iOS users may not know how to hide apps on their device. Just make your awesome eyesight on this article to know “How to Hide Apps on iPhone, iPad“.

Hide apps on iOS devices:

In this article, we were gonna see how to hide apps on iOS devices just by applying two simple methods. The two ways are very simple and can be done within minutes. Below I’ll be mentioning those two methods with crystal cle ar procedures. One method is done by using the AppStore and another method is done by creating a folder and inserting the apps. Let’s roll out them one by one from the queue.


1. Hide apps via AppStore:

The AppStore in iOS devices provides you too many apps and the same store allows you to hide the apps. The hiding process is very simple by following the simple steps which I’ve mentioned below.


1. First OPEN the AppStore app in your device.

2. After entering into the app, then tap TODAY that was located at the bottom screen.

3. Then tap on the profile icon or your profile pic on the top of the screen.

4. After doing these things, once again tap on the PURCHASED option, or if you’ve been using family sharing, then tap on MY PURCHASES option.

5. Finally, find and choose the app which you’ve interested to hide them in your iOS device. After choosing the app, then swipe left or right to hide the apps. Once you’ve swiped the app, then tap done option to hide.

2. Hide apps by Creating a new folder:

Above you’ve seen hiding apps on iOS by using the app store application. This method is a simple and easiest way to hide apps in your device. Just look at the below procedures to know more about this.

1. First of all, choose the applications which you want to hide in your device. After deciding the apps, then create a new folder. This can be done when you have selected the app and drag and drop onto another app.

2. Once you’ve dragged and dropped the app onto another app, then a folder is automatically created. By repeating the same procedure, you can easily create a new folder and also you can make your display screen tidy and awesome.


You may look up this entire article. If no, then look at this summary to know about the article in quick words. The article is all about explaining the process of hiding apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Two methods were declared to hide the apps on iOS devices. One method is done by using the app store and another one is done by creating a new folder and inserting the apps into it. The procedures were very simple and you can do these things within minutes. Hiding apps on Android devices are also explained in past posts.