June 20, 2024


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How to Turn ON and OFF the blue ticks on WhatsApp?

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We all know WhatsApp is the best messaging app in the current technological world. WhatsApp has dominated many social media platforms and stands with more number of users at the top. There are more amazing and attractive features involved in it. But many of us might don’t know how to use the fantabulous feature named Read Recipient. By using this read recipient feature, you can be able to turn ON and OFF your blue ticks in WhatsApp. We can use this feature for many purposes, but this is one of the concepts of the Read Recipient features. Roll out the article to know “How to turn ON and OFF the blue ticks on WhatsApp”.

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How to Turn ON and OFF blue ticks on WhatsApp?

Normally in WhatsApp, the single tick refers to the message was sent and the double tick refers to the receiver has received the message. The double blue tick refers to when the receiver has viewed your message. You can turn OFF this blue tick easily by changing some settings in WhatsApp. By enabling this setting ON, you can be able to prank your friends or you can make fun with your friends.

If you’re in a mood of annoying the blue tick messages in WhatsApp, then you can follow the way for it. In order to get rid of blue ticks, there’s a pretty good way for avoiding them. And that way is done by choosing the right option in the WhatsApp settings. Below I’ve mentioned a few simple steps and by following those steps you can easily turn ON and OFF the blue ticks on WhatsApp.


1. At first, open your WhatsApp on your mobile or on the PC. And then, click the three vertical dots in the WhatsApp and click the “settings” option.

2. After that, click the ”Account” option. In that Account option, click the “Privacy” option which will be located at very first.

3. Then, in the privacy option, by scrolling down further you can be able to view the “Read Recipient” option which will be active. Disable the option which was enabled. By disabling this, you can turn OFF

the blue ticks on WhatsApp.

4. By reversing the previous step, you can turn ON the blue ticks on WhatsApp.


The article gets concluded in a brief summary. The article is all about “How to turn ON and OFF the blue ticks on WhatsApp“. The way for turning blue ticks ON and OFF is a very simple task and you can do in minutes. The above-mentioned steps are the simple steps and by following those steps, you can be able to turn ON and OFF the blue ticks on WhatsApp. This read recipient feature can a several years before, but now most of the people don’t know how to Turn ON and OFF. Here in this article, I’ve said with a crystal clear format.