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How to Hide Apps on Android device

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Applications are the essential things on both smartphones and other systems. In mobiles, there are lots of apps were available and we may have at least 20 applications on our mobile. In that, we may feel for some specific app to be hidden in our device for making some privacy. For that reason, if we want to hide the apps on our mobile, there are lots of apps that were available. Here in this article, I’m gonna show you how to hide apps on Android in two methods. And this article is fully for Android users and in the future, I’ll post an article for iOS users. Let’s now get into this article.

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How to hide Apps on Android?

  • Without using applications.
  • By using applications.

1. Without using Applications:

Using an application is an easy process to hide your Apps on your mobile. But there’s another solution to hide the apps on your mobile. The way is available on your mobile settings as in-built. This in-built option will be available only to some specific Android devices. And nowadays, most of the devices containing these features. Now let me tell you the process to hide the apps without using applications. The process will be very simple and I’ve done it in the Xiaomi device. For other devices, the process will be the same.

1. First, go to your settings.

2. Then click the Apps option and after clicking that, there will be an option named App lock or Hide apps.

3. By clicking that option, you need to give passwords to have privacy and security to those settings.

4. After giving passwords, then select which app you need to hide. Just enable the app and check whether if it is hidden.


5. And that’s it, you can hide your apps easily by using the in-built option. The users who don’t have this in-built option, you just follow method 2 which was mentioned below.

2. By using Applications:

Above we’ve seen hiding apps on Android devices by using an in-built option. Here, we’re gonna see it by using third-party apps. There are lots of apps that were available to hide apps on Android. In that, I’ve sorted the best one to work with this feature. The app’s link and procedures will be mentioned below. The users who don’t have an in-built option can follow this method to hide the apps on their Android devices. The app named Nova launcher.

1. First, go to Play Store and search for Nova launcher and install the app on your device. If there’s any difficulty, then follow this link.

2. Then open the nova settings and click on the “App and widget drawers” option.

source: FonePaw

3. After that, scroll down to see the option “hide apps“. Click that hide and select the app which you want to hide from your device.

4. And that’s it, by following this method, you can be able to hide the apps on your Android device. This app also has a pro version and it costs $1.99.


I’m concluding this article by shortening the summary in brief. This article is all about explaining “How to hide apps on Android” and I’ve mentioned two methods to hide them. One method is by using the in-built option and another method is done by using a third-party app. The procedures are very simple and you can do in minutes. Also, I’ve mentioned a related article to this article below. And I hope this article would be helpful to all. With this, I’m concluding this article.

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