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How to Backup iPhone? Backup iPhone in 2 ways;

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Before entering into the article, you just need to know what is the backup process and why the backup process is required. The backup process is done when you’re doing any factory reset or updating your device to the next level. When you’re doing the backup, all the files were stored and safely guarded in another device to use them once again. And now, if you’re looking forward to the backup process of iPhone, then this article is for you and you’ve visited the right place. Here, you can let to know about the process of backup the iPhone in just two different ways with some simple clicks. The backup is very much important in iPhone device because, anytime when you update your device, unexpectedly the stored data are getting ruined. So the backup process in the iPhone is very much required often.

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How to Backup iPhone?

Like we say in the above passage, backup is necessary for every device, but in iPhone, the backup is a must process. And now, we’re gonna find how the backup process takes place in the iPhone. Most people get confused about this one problem of backup the entire important files. Here in this article, you can find the solution to the backup process in the iPhone in two different ways with some simple clicks. The two different ways are mentioned below.

1. Backup using iCloud Backup:

Backup using iCloud is directly done by using your device’s WiFi network and it goes automatically once you assign it. This backup in iCloud will restore all your apps, books, music, movies like you had before. This process is done either automatically or manually. Usually, the iPhone gives up to 5GB of Cloud storage and that’s not gonna enough. So, you need to purchase some extra storage in the cloud with a little money. Not every backup is true or real, but this iCloud is pretty good and safe to backup and you can restore them at any time. Below the procedures to backup iPhone on iCloud is mentioned.


  • At very first, connect your iPhone device with a WiFi network that has a good network connection.
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  • Then, go to settings and your name. After this, tap the option named iCloud.
  • And now entering into the iCloud settings, click the option named “Backup now” and before that enable the option named iCloud Backup.
  • Once you followed all the above points, the backup will be get started and you can check the progress at any time.
  • If you want to know if whether the process has completed or not, go to settings as we said in the 2nd step and you’ll see the last backup date when the backup gets over.

2. Backup using Acronis true image :

Acronis True Image is the app that allows iPhone users to make a backup of their devices. Backup on iCloud and iTunes will be a different option when compared to this backup option. This app is available in the app store and there you can install this app. The app gives you only a trial pack and if you want permanent storage, then you need to pay some money or need to subscribe to this app. This Acronis app backups the files including contact files, documents, and many more. If you’re ready to make a deal over the app, then follow the link



  • First of all, download the app named Acronis True Image on your iOS device in-app store or just follow this link.
  • Get started by clicking the app and then after entering into the app, you can see the option named “Backup”. Click that option.
  • After this process, get signed into the Acronis account.
  • Once you’ve signed in, select the options of backup that you wanna have again on your device.
  • This process is going over through your personal data.
  • This backup option is available for the condition mobile device to PC.


The article is all about the process of backup in the iPhone. The process and procedures of backups in the iPhone have been mentioned clearly and there are two ways to backup them. Those two methods are also declared with some simple steps. If you find any other method of backup process on iPhone, just convey them in the comment section. With this, the article gets enclosed.