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How to Turn ON iCloud Backup on iPhone?

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Are you an iPhone or Mac user and finding how to turn ON the iCloud Backup? If yes, then this article is the right place for you and here you can get to know how to turn ON the iCloud Backup storage in your iOS device. iCloud is the biggest storage network in which the user can store their photos, videos, and other important things. At very first, iCloud allows their free storage of 5 GB, and then you need to pay for further storage purposes. In-between those free periods, if you want to use them vitally, and for that, the iCloud Backup option needs to be enabled. Let’s open the article to find out how to turn ON iCloud Backup on iPhone devices.

Turn ON iCloud Backup on iPhone

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How to Turn ON iCloud Backup in iPhone?

As said before, iCloud is a huge service that holds up photos, videos, contacts, other media files. This iCloud service is given for free up to 5 GB. In this free version, you can store your important files, for that, you need to enable this iCloud backup option on your iPhone device. The process of enabling this iCloud is simple, and after the usage of 5 GB, you’ll need to pay for the additional storage purpose. If you wanna access 50 GB, then the price is $0.99 per month and for 200 GB, the price is  $2.99 per month. Here are the steps to enable the iCloud backup on iPhone.



source : backblaze.com
  • First of all, open Settings on your device. Then click your name and enter into it.
  • After that, you could be able to see many options, from that, choose the option named “iCloud Drive” in the name settings.
  • In iCloud Drive, the backup option is turned off at the beginning. Now you need to toggle the button so that the option for the backup will be turned ON. Similarly for turning OFF.
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  • Finally, after enabling the backup option, you can store your media files, text messages, contacts list, etc. These things can be stored for free up to 5 GB.
  • These are the common steps for enabling iCloud backup in any iOS device.


Here are the final words before the completion of the article. This article is all about “How to Turn ON iCloud backup in iPhone”. The procedures were mentioned here and by following those steps, you can turn ON the iCloud backup in your device. Also, if you don’t know about “How to backup iPhone?“, then check the post which was in the did you know table.