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5 Best Launchers for Android(2020) that will change your Device

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Launchers are the things that change the device’s operating system’s style. In iOS devices, you can be able to change the icon’s place. But in Android devices, you can be able to install third-party launchers and those launchers will definitely change your entire style of display. Basically, the launchers will make a change in the Home Screen, App’s icon, and arranges the apps, widgets, etc. Launchers are also used to overcome some drawbacks that occur in normal devices. Here’s in this article, you can find the “5 Best Launchers for Android devices“. Scroll down and make eyesight on the article to crack the best launchers that suit your device.

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5 Best Launchers for Android devices:

S.NoLauncher NamePricingAndroid
1.Go LauncherFreeInstall
2.Solo LauncherFreeInstall
3.Novo LauncherFreeInstall
4.Microsoft LauncherFreeInstall
5.Launcher iOS 14FreeInstall

1. Go Launcher:

Go Launcher is an app that contains a 3D parallax and HD wallpapers with amazing launching features. You can find awesome icons, transition effects, themes, etc in this Go Launcher. The users can customize some impressive lock screen interfaces, can boost up the devices, and many more features are packed inside here in this launcher. For these features, the app has been downloaded by many users and has more positive reviews are recorded. Also, you can experience a fast and secure operating system while using this Go Launcher. This launcher is designed with independent development, so you can be able to handle this app with ease.


  • Experience a faster and secure operating system.
  • You can install 10000+ Themes, 20+ Transition effects, and so on.
  • Boost up and speed your device with Go Launcher.
  • And more admiring widgets are also available.

2. Solo Launcher:

Solo Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android devices. The launcher has many exciting and awesome features. If you wanna experience a clean, and smooth way of the operating system, Solo Launcher is the right solution. In Google PlayStore, the Solo Launcher gets placed in the top 3 launchers with over 100 million users worldwide. This app provides some features like admiring gestures, amazing DIY photos, and also boost and clean up your devices. There are thousands of themes and unlimited wallpapers that are available to make your device a precious one.


  • Solo Launcher provides custom clean, Smooth, and DIY effects for a better experience.
  • Thousands of themes and unlimited wallpapers that were available here in this launcher.
  • For a faster usage of devices, the app provides a boost-up option too.
  • Plus super easy and amazing Gestures are also made available.

3. Novo Launcher:

Novo Launcher is always one of the best and mostly used Android launchers in the PlayStore. And this because the launcher provides admiring customization options and attractive home screen replacements. And Novo Launcher provides some stable key features, so only this launcher is still right on top. Thousands of immersive icons that were available for the applications in the devices. Also, NIght mode and Dark mode are available for the best experience. Finally, if you wanna speed, snappy, and smooth way of handling the device, use this Novo Launcher.



  • More customizations were available like both Vertical and Horizontal type page scrolling.
  • Both Dark mode as well as Night mode also provided by Novo Launcher.
  • Experience a faster, smooth way of handling the device.
  • The app also provides a Backup and Restoring option.

4. Microsoft Launcher:

Microsoft Launcher is the app that provides more customization options with attractive features. More positive reviews are given due to its best features. The app gives personalized news, more customizable options, amazing themes with wonderful wallpapers, and many more exciting features are there. The app also improved its features for users better experience. Turn on the dark mode to lead a smooth view of usage. Among the above mentioned apps, Microsoft Launcher also has a unique function.


  • More customizable options with smooth experience.
  • Use Dark mode for long time usage.
  • Personalized news, highly rated themes and wallpapers are also available.
  • Rotate your device in your favor by using the Landscape mode.

5. Launcher iOS 14:

If you’re an Android user and want to grab the features that were in the iOS device, just install the app named Launcher iOS 14

. This launcher provides that were like in the iOS devices. There are more launchers like iOS, but this one remains the most attractive one. Fix the wallpapers in your device like in the iOS devices. This app provides you a 3D touch like in iOS, Auto rearranging the apps option, and so on. Overall, if you wanna experience an iOS atmospheric platform, just use this app that will satisfy you with some basic iOS features.


  • 3D touch and more one and two touch shortcuts were available.
  • Change the app’s name as you wish.
  • Also, use 3D touch to Hide an app from the device.
  • You can be able to auto rearrange the apps easily.


The article get’s closed by the summary. This article is about the 5 Best Launchers for Android Devices and these above-mentioned launchers were picked based on my point of view. All the above-mentioned app has a unique quality with amazing features inside it. The launchers were mentioned with their key features. All the 5 apps were the best ones to use. If you’re unsatisfied with your device, then use these launchers to improve your way of using. I hope this article will be useful to all Android users.