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15 Spectacular Chrome Extensions for SEO that everyone must know;

15 best chrome extensions for seo-foftact
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In clear words, SEO is the process that increases a website’s quantity and quality among other websites. For this major purpose, the SEO stands so tall in this world. Also, SEO is the major and most important thing that every blogger, website users must know and to use vitally. And now in this post, I’m going to let you know the “15 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO” that will improve your website analysis and quantity of your website. There are so many kinds of SEO extensions were available, and every one of them will be unique. Because one extension will provide the best keywords, the other one will provide you the best data, and like this, the extensions differ. Let’s wrap the 15 best SEO Chrome extensions.

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15 Best Chrome Extension for SEO;

1. Keywords Everywhere:

Keywords Everywhere may be the best tool used as a Chrome Extension for SEO. The extension holds up and provides you monthly search volume, CPC data, and competition data for up to 15 websites. Also, this extension shows you the ranked pages on SERP(Search Engine Result Page). Keywords Everywhere is a freemium version of the SEO extension tool. If you wanna analyze any website, then this extension gives you perfect statistics. After analyzing, you can download the report on the excel sheet. These are a few key features in this Keywords Everywhere chrome extension. I already mentioned that every SEO chrome extension will be unique and likewise, this extension also unique.

2. Tag Assistant:

While the above extension provides you the best CPC data and competition data, this Tag Assistant extension provides you the best tag analyzes for your website. Yes, this Tag Assistant extension acts as a problem-solving solution for your website and provides you the exact analytics. The extension gives you the analysis of Google tags and the extension is also provided by Google. Once this extension makes a tag analysis, it shows up the errors and displays them immediately. So, you can easily make the corrections of your fault. For this major purpose of detecting the tags of the website, the extension named Tag Assistant is used by many people and also a very useful SEO extension.

3. Moz Bar:

If you want an all in one package of SEO extension, then MOZ bar would be a better choice for it. The extension named Moz bar provides you an overview collection of any website with the site-content, technical analyses, etc. The Moz bar gives you the full instant analytics of any pages or SERP. Also, this extension delivers the domain authority (DA) and page authority of any website quickly. The extension is free and full of worthy features that every website user must have in their chrome. By having lots of useful features, the Moz Bar is very much useful and stands at the top.

4. Similar Web:

The previously mentioned SEO chrome extension Moz bar gives you the perfect all in one SEO analysis. Likewise, here the extension named Similar Web gives you the exact traffic analysis, engagement rank, traffic rank, keyword rank, etc. Also, by using this website, you can grab the bounce rate, visitors count on your website for free. Apart from basic SEO information, this extension provides detailed statistics and analysis of your website. While discussing this extension, Google Analytics is straight away coming into the mind because of the analytics that the extension provides you. Finally, the best SEO chrome extension to use for a clear analysis of your website.

5. SEOquake:

SEOquake is the SEO tool that audits the SEO metrics and other useful features. This extension provides you the clear-cut information of analysis of SERP, keywords, and a full report of internal/external links. For these kinds of features, the SEOquake extension taken placed at the top and used by many users. Also on this extension, you can make a full analysis of any website like other SEO chrome extensions, and also you can download the reports in the CSV manner. At last, the best tool to use for the analysis of SERPs, etc.


6. Keywords Surfer:

This extension is another best SEO tool for the analyses of Keywords with some extra features. The extension is named Keywords Surfer, in the name itself you can understand that the extension is mainly for the keywords. Yes, the tool provides you the best keyword analytics, CPC(Cost Per Click) keywords, word counts, and the related searched with the search volumes that you want. All the above-mentioned tools for SEO are different and this extension is also a unique one. Finally, you can get the top-rated keywords, scores for keywords, and for all these features, this extension is the best one to use.

7. META SEO inspector:

META SEO inspector is the SEO Chrome extension that is totally based on the topic of Meta description. The meta description is the web page’s meta tags, which means, the users can understand the contents of the web page in two or three lines. In the SERP, you can be able to see the meta description. For enhancing and inspecting the meta description, the extension named META SEO inspector is the right one. The users can inspect the meta description easily. If you want to analyze and inspect your website’s meta description, then this tool would be a better choice.


8. SEMrush:

If you want to search the exact keywords for your website, then SEMrush will be the best one to use. The extension is a freemium version, in which you can get the top ranking keywords among the world countries with the exact numbers. Also, you can be able to share your content on Social Media with just a simple click. And this tool is the leading digital marketing tool, by using this extension, you can make popular your website easily. For all these purposes, this extension has been used by many people.

9. Note Anywhere:

If you know about the sticky notes on PC, then this extension is easy to understand for you. Note Anywhere is the extension in which you can use it for writing notes, and storing some important things on it. I’m mentioning this extension for SEO because every website user will search many things on the Internet, so to store them, this extension plays a vital role. By using this extension, you can make a note at any time with multiple sheets, and also you can drag them can save them easily.

10. Majestic Backlink Analyzer:

If you want to improve and build your website’s backlink, then this extension is the right choice for it. The extension Majestic Backlink Analyser helps you to improve and enhance your backlinks for free. You can get an instant counts of visitors who all are linking to your website with full count data. By using this tool, you can get the total backlink reference. For the backlink analyzer, this extension will be very much useful.

11. SEO stack keyword tool:

The SEOstack keyword tool is an SEO chrome extension and by using this extension you can find the keywords to boost your SEO. In this tool, you can get 1000s of low competition keywords, and other lengthy keywords for free. And also you’ll get keyword suggestions from famous search engines like Google, YouTube, etc. Once you have chosen the keywords, you can easily make them offline in a CSV format. This tool is also a type of SEO extension.

12. SEO Site Tools:

SEO Site Tools is the SEO extension that provides you the website ranking at the global level. The Alexa rank is directly published on this website with the number of pages indexed, backlink, etc. Also, by using this tool, you can find competitive websites. With an addon to these features, this extension lets you find the server IP Geolocation, and DNS (Domain Name System) information. Personally, I loved to use this extension, and you may also enjoy using this tool.

13. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is another SEO chrome extension tool that lets you find the page’s shared information on social media. By using this tool, you can share your website’s contents on social media for free via Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also able to view the most shared content on the website. And also you can find the top-performing content on the website, backlink counts, etc. For finding all these things, this extension is still the best one to use for SEO.

14. SEO SERP 2:

If you want to analyze the SERP, then this SEO SERP will help you. Yes, in this tool, you can analyze the SERP on Google with the top-level domain. This extension works with all sorts of images, videos, news, etc. SEO SERP 2 provides the average, minimum, and maximum number of titles with exact information. The tool has said that in their next update, the users can also be able to download the reports of SERP in the CSV formats like other above-mentioned SEO chrome extensions. Finally, this extension is a good tool for finding SEO SERP.

15. SEO Tool Extension:

The final SEO chrome extension that the article has will be SEO Tool Extension. The tool allows you to know about SEO analysis, SEO Keyword Research, Content optimization tools, meta tags, and SEO titles. This extension also provides you both internal and external links with the downloadable function of CSV format. In addition to these features, this extension provides a clear-cut analysis of the header tags, and the header tags were also shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. In this extension, open the “SERP preview” option to view how the webpage looks on the Internet.


The article has reached its conclusion part with a clear overview of the article. This article is all about the topic of “15 Spectacular Chrome Extensions for SEO“. All the 15 SEO chrome extensions will be unique one which means every SEO extension will have different kinds of key features packed inside. In the mentioned chrome extensions, few will be paid and others will be freemium. And that’s it, the article has ended.