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How to Access a PC by using Android Devices or another PC?

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Is there is any way to access a PC by using Android Devices or by using another PC? No need to think widely because there’s a solution to every question. Likewise, you can access a PC by using an Android device or by using another PC. For this condition, you can use a few remote accessing applications in both the devices in which you’ve decided to connect with each other. Also, the user can also access a mobile by using another mobile by using remote accessing applications. Now let’s get into the article for accessing a PC by using Android Devices or another PC.

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3 Best Remote Accessing Apps (2020)

Like we say in the above, there are certain apps that were available for remote access. And also these remote access apps were used by the IT professions to debug some functions remotely. Below let’s look at the 3 Best applications for these remote accessing systems and devices.

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1.Any DeskClick Here
2.Team ViewerClick Here
3.ConnectWise ControlClick Here

1. Any Desk:

Any Desk is the best app for accessing the PC system via Android devices and Android devices to another Android device. The Any Desk app is the best solution for remote accessing the systems and for connectivity purposes. Also, this app is totally free for private usage and provides dozens of features and mainly remote accessing another device. By using the Any Desk application, you’ll get an unparalleled performance, stable connection while pairing and usage, and etc. This is one of the ways to access the PC by using Android devices or by using another PC.

How to use it?

  • First, open the application in both the devices or systems.
  • Then generate the code from the one casting device to the receiving device.
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  • Finally, give access and click the “connect” button to pair the device for further remote processing.

2. TeamViewer:

TeamViewer is the software that is used for many purposes like sharing desktop, online meetings, web conferences, and mainly for the remote control. If you want to control or access any system, then use this app for controlling those systems in the remote control process. Like AnyDesk, TeamViewer also has many features. This TeamViewer software is available for platforms like Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Blackberry OS, and Linux.

How to use it?

  • First of all, download the software and open the software.
  • After opening the software, you just need to create an account.
  • Then control the system by generating code or ID from passing device to the receiving device.

3. ConnectWise Control:

ConnectWise Control is the Self-Hosted remote desktop software that was owned by Connectwise Inc,. This is the software used to connect a screen and accessing the system remotely. The ConnectWise Control is reliable, fast, and more secured for remote access. The ConnectWise Control software is available in cross-platforms and has more security processes. The users can be able to share their screen, File sharing, and usage information. The software has the same kinds of features as the previously viewed software. Just try the app if you don’t know the above-mentioned words.


How to use it?

  • First of all, download the software and login to the account.
  • Then install the same software on another device.
  • Finally, connect the device and conduct the sessions by sharing the screens.


The article is all about “How to access a PC by using Android Devices or another device”. Just try the remote controlling apps that were mentioned above. The procedures are explained in some simple steps and in a crystal clear format. Also, check the “Did you know” table?. I hope this article will be helpful to people who have much curiosity in Remote Accessing.