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Best Applications for Cloud Storage for Android and iOS

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Cloud Storage is a service that is manufactured for storing a huge data of information. By using this Cloud Storage, the users can store huge-sized data permanently. At first, they’ll give some limitations, but those limitations will be very much affordable for the users because the Cloud Storage service is big. And if you’re looking forward to the best cloud storage applications for your device, then I’m here to provide you an exact solution. Here, in this article, you’ll get some clarifications for choosing the best cloud storage application in both Android and iOS. Today, there are so many applications are available for cloud storage. In that, I’ve listed out the 5 best apps. Just make an overview of the upcoming passages.

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5 Best Apps for Cloud Storage Service:

As I said in the before passage, Cloud Storage stores huge data and information. This cloud storage helps us to sync files, sharing a huge amount of data in a short time, and it will be very much secured. For all these advantages, this cloud storage is used by many users. By picking up the best ones, here I’ve found the 5 best apps for cloud storage. Let’s wrap up the article to find more.

1. Google Drive:

Google Drive is the best one to store many files like photos, slides, files, presentations, etc. If you have a google account, then you’ve got the best free cloud storage access with more features. Google drive provides 15 GB of free storage to store photos and many more as I said before. Also, there are premium versions are available like 100GB for $1.99 and up to 1TB for  $29.99 per month. These features are more than enough for storing a secured data on the well-developed cloud storage service. You can download or recover the files, media that you have stored from one device to another just by signing in to your Google Account on that new mobile. With this, you can search for the file in which you want the specific file. This Google Drive is available for both Android and iOS users.

2. Microsoft OneDrive:

If you don’t have a google account or if you want additional cloud storage, then Microsoft OneDrive would be a great choice. This storage is owned by Microsoft itself, and if you sign in to the One Drive account, then you’ll get 5 GB of free storage. Here on this One Drive, the users can share the files, can store photos and videos, and documents, etc. With these features, you can search for the files, can move or delete a file from one device to another device. Also, the files, documents, spreadsheets, and other media stored on One Drive can be accessed in offline mode too. This Microsoft OneDrive is available for both Android and iOS devices.


3. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a famous cloud storage service like the previously mentioned services. This one is quite old and was founded in 2007, and providing a good awesome feature to the users. Here, the users will get free storage of 2 GB and if you want more, then you need to upgrade your normal account to a premium account. In dropbox plus, the users will get 1 TB for $9.99 per month. Like all other services, here also you can store data like photos, videos, and many documents, etc. By referring others to this dropbox application, you’ll gain some additional storage space. This dropbox is also available for both Android and iOS devices.

4. IDrive:

Like other services, this one IDrive is not much popular, but this application provides some catchy features it. IDrive is a cloud storage application that is fast and easy to access with a good secured process. Similar to all other applications that were mentioned above, here also the users can store their data. In the free version, the application letting down 5 GB, and the maximum size will be 5 TB. If you want to access this maximum size of 5 TB, then you need to upgrade your IDrive account to the premium version just by paying $34.75 per year. Also, the number of devices on the same account is unlimited. Here, there will be no two-step authorization, so this will remain a drawback of this app.


5. Sync:

Before this one, I’ve said application for cloud storing and that one can be able to sync. And now, I’m gonna tell you about the application named Sync. The sync app provides secured cloud storage of 5 GB for free users. This application is called secured encrypted cloud storage which protects the files. The users can upload and download photos and videos, large files, etc. This application uses end-to-end encryption for more security purposes. The application is available for both Android as well as iOS devices.


This article is all about the topic of “5 Best Apps for Cloud Storage Service“. All those mentioned 5 applications are well and good to store data in it. Every application holds up a unique feature and these applications are simple to use. And here on these applications, you can store, share files from one medium to another medium. And that’s it, the article get’s over.