June 20, 2024


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5 Best Duolingo Alternatives to Enhance your Language Skills;

Best Duolingo alternatives
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Language skill is the key skill for every person in this world. Because, where ever you go, this language skill matters. With the help of this language skill, you can convey communication easily. It is always good to learn a new language other than your mother tongue. But learning a new language isn’t easy. There are many kinds of sources are available in this Internet era. All you need to do is practice what language you are learning.

In the list of online learning sources, Duolingo is the popular source to learn new language skills. Other than Duolingo, there are some other language learning sources are available. If you are interested in learning a language, then you need to try those websites or apps. For your convenience, I’ve curated a list of the 5 best language learning websites to enhance your language skills. Let’s wrap the article for the list.

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Best Language Learning Websites:

1. Memrise:

Memrise is a British language company that holds over 23 languages to learn. The Memrise allows you to choose your preferred language to learn a new language easily and quickly. When compared to Duolingo, Memrise isn’t too better than Duolingo, but Memrise is good at its sound recordings, and other features. And if you don’t have very good Internet, then you can listen to the recorded video clips and more. With this kind of features, Memrise is available for the platform such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Finally, if you are interested to learn a language keenly, then you must try out the Memrise at least once.


2. Drops:

The second website that comes next to Memrise is Drops. Drops is a free language learning website and app that has languages 45 + to learn. Also, Drops has more Visual type learnings that will make you learn a new language for more time. In this app, you can listen to the voice records, and you can play games, and at last, you can make illustrations just by connecting the words. In the free version, Drops give you 5 minutes of quick learning where you can learn up to 2400 words in 99 topics. But if you are a passionate learner of a new language, then you must try out their premium package too. And that’s it, this app is available for Android and iOS.

3. Busuu:

Busuu is a language learning app in which you can learn 12+ languages. Duolingo provides some of the advanced levels of training to learn a new language. But here on busuu, you can start your language learning career from the basic levels. Here on busuu, the users are allowed to interact with the native speakers, so that they can improve their learning capabilities. Apart from the learning syllabus, all the grammar tips were also given in this app. The busuu is a freemium version and it contains three premium packages. The Premium Plus €6,66 / month, Premium €5,83 / month. For the free version, you can get access to only one language. Busuu is available for Web, iOS, and Android.

4. MangoLanguage:

Mango Language is an American-based language learning website and software for mobile. Mango language provides more than 70 world language courses to learn. This website and app provides better grammar explanations, cultural notes, and well explained with quality recordings. With these features, it is somewhat better than Duolingo. Mango language includes a subscription plus it provides a 14-free trial pack. The premium packages are $7.99 / month for Single Language, $17.99 / month for All Languages. This mango is available for the platforms like web, Android, and iOS.


5. Babbel:

Babbel is a German subscription-based language learning website and app with various languages to learn. This app allows its users to complete a master’s in a particular language. Also, it provides lessons with conversational practice and cultural immersion. You can sync your data progress on any device, so that, babbel is one step ahead of Duolingo. The babbel contains premium packages. They are $26.85 for 3 months, $44.70 for 6 months, and $83.40 per year. Finally, if you want to experience or to learn a fluent language, then you can try this app.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article is about the best Duolingo alternatives to enhance your language skills. Duolingo is the best website and app to learn a new language. For that source, here in this article, I’ve mentioned the 5 best alternative websites and apps that suit the features of the Duolingo application. If you want to learn a new language apart from Duolingo, then you can try out these apps to learn a new language. And that’s it, choose your best one to upskill your language skills.