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Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in 2021;

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Currently, the entire world is just suffering from the one pandemic virus called Covid-19. And the current scenario in each country becomes worst than before. Now, Online Doctor Consultation sources are most important because we the people are restricted in our house and our doors we locked up due to this pandemic situation. In this situation, if we can’t meet the Doctors in person, then the only option available for us is telemedicine apps and websites. Online Doctor Consultation services are the only way to consult a doctor in this pandemic. For your convenience. here in this article, I’ve mentioned some of the best apps and websites for the online doctor consultation service. Let’s get into the article.

Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps

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5 Best Online Doctor Consultancies Apps for Android and iOS

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2.Doctor on demandlinkInstallInstall
5.Your DoctorslinkInstallInstall

1. Practo:

The first app that opens up the list is Practo. The Practo is an online doctor consultation app in which people can make a conversation with certified doctors through chats or video calls. If you’re sick or want clarification, then you can make a query to the doctor if you couldn’t connect with them in a video call or chat. If you don’t get a reply from the doctors, then your money is refunded. There are over 1 lac certified doctors were available across India and Singapore and the app is paid as well as free. In addition to this, the patients can make an appointment order through the app itself. Finally, Practo is available for both Android and iOS devices with 24/7 online services.

2. Doctor on Demand:

If the above service is busy, then don’t be tensed because there are lots of sources were available to make a conversation with doctors online. In that way, Doctor on Demand is one of the sources which acts as a online doctor consultation source. Here, the people can make an online interaction between the certified licensed doctors like a psychiatrist, psychologist, etc. Like the Practo app, the Doctor on Demand app has more doctors working to solve people’s problems to make them always healthy. In this app, the doctors will identify your problems based on the test, which means the people need to list out their symptoms on the test, and based on that, the doctors will give the treatment. Finally, the app is available for both Android and iOS platforms with fully free access to use with 24/7 health care.

3. Lybrate:

Lybrate is the online doctor consultation service where the patients are connected with the doctors online either in-app or website. Here in this app, there are over 1 lakh licensed doctors

available to solve the issues of the patients instantly through video calls. Also, the patients can ask their doubts like composition, remedies, side effects, etc. Lybrate lab+ is another source where they are making lab tests online and they store their patient’s lab records personally. In addition to this, you can make an appointment with the doctor. Finally, in short, a good source for Online doctor consultation service is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

4. MFine:

Another source for online doctor consultation service is Mfine. In this source, there are 2500+ doctors are working hard for people’s health. Here, the patients can make a conversation with the doctors via video calls or chats after getting an appointment. Every meeting is charged, but you’re having a follow-up meeting within a week, then it is not chargeable. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. For your kind information, the consultation fee starts from ₹199. Finally, a good teleconsultation service app to meet the doctors remotely.

5. Your Doctors:

The final app that closes the list is the Your Doctors app. Your Doctors is the free online doctor consultation app in which the patients can connect with the most specialized certified doctors at any time. The app is a 24/7

service, where 150+ board-certified doctors are working to cure the patient’s health-related queries, issues, and problems. Some of the key features of this app are Medication Reminders, Vaccination Records and Reminders, etc. You can also able to store your health insurance cards. Finally, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices with impeccable features.

Additional Websites for Online Doctor Consultation Service:

  1. Apollo 247link (https://www.apollo247.com/specialties)
  2. Tata Healthlink (https://www.tatahealth.com/online-doctor-consultation/general-physician)
  3. 1mg link (https://www.1mg.com/online-doctor-consultation)
  4. Docsapp link (https://www.docsapp.in/)
  5. DocOnline link (https://www.doconline.com/)


Final words before the conclusion of the article. In this current scenario, the Covid pandemic situation is ruling the entire world in a scary moment. Every day the numbers are rising, and the people are restricted in their houses. If people are suffering from sickness, and couldn’t able to meet the doctor in person, then there’s no problem because there are lots of apps were available which will make the patients meet their doctors remotely. Check the list that I’ve mentioned earlier in this post.