June 20, 2024


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Best Whiteboard Animation Softwares to use in 2021;

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Whiteboard Animation Software is used for the purpose where the user will draw physically and then conveying a story. To use this Whiteboard Animation software, you just need a computer. And no other skills are required because it is easy to create Whiteboard Animation Videos. In recent surveys, the Whiteboard Animation videos are become very much popular and are mostly used for business purposes. Here are a few reasons why these videos have become popular. They are, Easily able to gain views among people, a great way to pass a innovative idea and information, etc. If you’re the one who loved to create Whiteboard Animation videos, then this article is a perfect choice. Here, you will get some of the best Whiteboard Animation Software to use. Let’s open up the article.

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1. VideoScribe:

The first app that opens the list is VideoScribe. VideoScribe is an exciting software to create Whiteboard Animation videos. This app is easy to use and here, you can develop a video just by dragging and dropping the options. Also, you can use the pre-developed templates, images, texts, and in addition to this, you can give a voice-over to your video. By holding up lots of features, the app is paid to use. But the cost is affordable for these kinda features. At last, after creating the video, you can convert or download those videos into multiple formats like MOV, AVI, WMV, and MP4. And that’s it for this app, check the price list mentioned below and choose your plan. This software is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.


PRICE: Monthly – $17.50 per month, Quarterly – $35 per month, Annual – $8 per month.

2. DoodleMaker:

Like VideoScribe, if you want to experience a cool animation video creating software, then you must try the software called Doodlemaker. Doodlemaker is a cool software in which you can create amazing doodle videos. This software automatically converts the plain texts or contents into a doodle video. Like Videoscribe, here in this software, there are over 300 templates, images, texts, are available to create a video. The major advantage to use this software is, DoodleMaker has an Artificial Intelligence Technology feature that converts any format of texts or content into doodle videos. Sometimes, you may need to update the software when there is a notification from the server. And this is considered as a slight disadvantage in this software.

PRICE: $49.00

3. Vyond:

Vyond is a whiteboard animation video creating software used for the purposes like Marketing, training, etc. Thereupon, if you want to make your own animated video, then Vyond will be one of the best software to use. Comparatively to other software, Vyond holds up some of the unique features to use. Some of the highlighting key features are Lip-sync, highly created Industry-based Templates, etc. By using Lip-sync feature, you can adjust the lip movement that takes place in the video that you’ve uploaded. The awesome advantage that needed to be seen is the 14-day trial offer and easily customizing options. By including lots of advanced features, this Vyond software is paid to use. Take a look at their pricing plans below.

PRICE: Four(4) pricing plans: (1)Essential $299 per year, (2)Premium$649 per year, (3)Professional$999 per year, (4)Enterprise – Custom pricing plan.

4. MySimpleShow:

When compared to other software, MySimpleShow is another awesome software that helps you to create Whiteboard animation videos easily. Not only easy, but you can also create an animation video quickly just by using templates, suitable stories, and with the voiceover, etc. In this software, you can use the templates to create a high-level business video. Apart from the business side, Simpleshow allows its users to create animation videos for educational purposes. By using a bunch of templates, audio, images, you can create educational videos as well as business videos. Furthermore, the software itself suggests a story to create animation videos.


PRICE: Business$129 per month, Pro$499 per month, Enterprise – Custom pricing plan.

5. Doodly:

The final software that closes up the list is Doodly. Doodly is a Whiteboard Animation video creating software in which the user can create Professional, Realistic videos in just a piece of minutes. Doodly contains huge amount of photos, texts, templates in their Library, and by using this elements, you can create animation videos easily and quickly. Additionly, you can give voiceovers to your animated video and this software includes files such as audio, text, PNG, and JPEG, etc. Finally, if you want to create and experience amazing doodle animation video, then try out Doodly. Checkout the price plans for this software.

PRICE: Standard $39 per month, Enterprise $69 per month.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article suggests you the best software to create Whiteboard Animation videos. As you can see from the above-mentioned softwares, they all are the best to create animation videos easily and quickly. Each of the software holds up unique features in it to create those animation videos. And that’s about the article, check out the pricing plans and decide which software you want to create Whiteboard animation videos.