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How to block Ads on YouTube

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YouTube is the best-ever entertainment field and the second largest search engine around the world. We all loved and admired to use this platform to learn things, and we’ll use this for many useful purposes. And now most of the people sharing much useful information, their skills, etc.

They will upload videos like this and they’ll earn money with the help of Ads. But sometimes, we don’t prefer Ads while watching the videos on YouTube. These ads will disturb us in between some serious videos and will make us so frustrated. If you want to block Ads on YouTube? If yes, then you’ve jumped on a perfect article. Here I’ve said, “How to block Ads on YouTube“. Let’s now get rid of those Ads on YouTube by wrapping out of this article.

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How to Block Ads on YouTube:

YouTube has lots of subscribers and most of them will avoid watching ads while in the video. Some ads will be skippable, but few may not. For that frustrating situation, we’ll find it to block. Here I’ve mentioned four methods to block ads on YouTube.

1. Using Adsense:

This is the first method to block the ads on YouTube. The process is done by using AdSense. AdSense is the program that was running by Google. By using this AdSense, you can be able to filter the ads which appear, and also you can block all those ads. Look at below on steps to block ads on YouTube by using AdSense.

  • First, Sign in to your AdSense account and if you don’t have it, just sign up and sign in.
  • Then open Allow & block ads tab.
  • After entering the tab, click the Menu icon that was located at the top left corner.
  • Click Blocking controls on the menu and after that select the YouTube host
  • There will be two options available, they are advertiser URLs and general categories. Select your convenient option to block the ads on YouTube.
  • Finally, you can be able to block the Ads on YouTube by using AdSense.

2. Using Paid version:

If you’re too much copious, then you can switch your normal YouTube to the paid version of YouTube Premium. This YouTube Premium provides you a greatly improved experience in YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming. In these areas, YouTube provides cool features and experiences.

If you are feeling frustrated by viewing videos on YouTube with Ads, then you can shift your account to the premium version so that you’ll get Ad-free videos, and also you’ll get a background playback feature too.

3. Using Application:

This is another way to block ads on YouTube by using the application. The app named AdBlock plus is the application that provides you to block ads on Browsers, apps, and games. I’ve said about this app in my previous post How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games, and Browsers?


You can easily block ads on YouTube by using this Adblock plus app. Also, there is an extension available for Chrome and Firefox, by using that, you can block ads on YouTube. This app is applicable for both rooted and nonrooted devices.


I’m concluding this article by conveying the summary in brief. The article is about “How to block ads on YouTube” and I’ve mentioned three different ways to block ads. Here, I’ve said clearly said about the ways and you can do this with ease. I hope this article will be helpful to all. Also check the article related to this article How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games, and Browsers?