July 16, 2024


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How to check your Internet Speed?

Check your Internet speed
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The Internet is the thing, in which we spend more time on it. We are using the Internet day by day for many purposes. And, sometimes we won’t receive a proper Internet connection. By the time, Have you ever checked your Internet speed? If no, then check your Internet speed when you receive the worst connection. Here, in this article, I’ve said how to check Internet speed. You can check your Internet speed within 1 minute. Here below I’ll mention the way of procedure to check your Internet Speed and you can do it with ease. Let’s get into the article.

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Checking your Internet speed will be a useful one, because when you’re checking your Internet speed and that time if it is worst so that you can change the Network to another company. The process is very simple, just clicking one option. Below I’ve, mentioned two ways to check your Internet speed. Let’s see those methods below.

  • Checking your Internet speed by visiting the Speedtest by Ookla.
  • Another method is checking the Internet speed on Google.

1. Speedtest by Ookla:

The Speedtest by Ookla provides you a full statistics about your Internet connection. You can be able to view the uploading speed as well as the downloading speed. Many users using this way to check their Internet speed. And that’s why I’m suggesting this way first to check your Internet speed. Also, it is easy to view the details. This site is very much popular and the site’s server is located in India. Below I’ve mentioned the procedures to check your Internet speed on Ookla.

1. First, open your browser and search for speedtest.net or follow this link.

2. After visiting the site, there’ll be an option named GO, click that option. Before that verify your Network’s name. After verify, finalize it and click the GO

option. By clicking that, the process will be started and within 30 seconds the results will be published to you and the results will be like the image shown below.

3. And that’s it, by following this way, you can be able to check your Internet speed.

2. By searching in Google:

In the above-mentioned method, you need to visit a site, and then you need to check the stats. But in this method, you need not visit a site. You can do by normally searching on Google. Below, I’ve mentioned the procedures and the way for this method to check the Internet speed.

1. First of all, open your browser.

2. Then search for Internet speed test on Google. The results will be given as the image shown below.

3. After viewing the results, click the option “RUN SPEED TEST

“. Once you clicked the option, the process will get started and the results will be shown within seconds. This speed test will provide you the uploading and downloading speed as well as the ping too.

4. And that’s it, by following the above-mentioned steps, you can be able to check your Internet speed in seconds.


I’m concluding this article by telling the summary. The article is about “How to check Internet Speed” and I’ve said two methods to check. Those methods are very simple. You can try both methods to check your Internet speed. Both methods will very simple and easy to check. I hope this article will be helpful to you. And that’s it, with this I’m concluding this article.

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